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maybe now is a good time to check the details of the clojure meetup


I just published the agenda 🙂


also, I've heard many times already that a few people would like to start again with physical meetups. Things seem to be going better nation wide and I start to feel confident again that we might actually just as well meet phisically after many many moons of online meetups. So here's the poll for you: are you really looking forward to a physical event (react to this message with 🤝 ), you actually prefer online meetings (react with 📺 ) or you prefer a mix of online and physical meetups (react with 🔀)

🤝 8
📺 1
🔀 4

Who can vote? Because I suspect if most people aren't located near any local meetup, they're going to vote for online and... since we're online the bias may go to online? ;)

🧠 1
🤯 1

Anyway, I'm looking forward to go some place Clojure elsewhere than online, so I'll be there! :)


currently, anyone in this channel can vote 🙂 Assuming #clojure-nl collects most of the Dutchies it's still relevant for me to know how people feel about the topic

👍 1