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I know, I know, I'm just terrible at video editing that's why it takes ages sorry (also, having been sick in the past few days didn't help)


I think I asked before, but if anyone is any good at editing I'd love to share the burden 😉


Why edit at all? Just upload the whole thing as is? ;)


@borkdude that is an option, but there are a few things that are iffy, usually sound is really not nice without some cleanup


and there are times where my local video capture also captured things like notifications that I usually edit away


If you somehow come across some time to learn how: I think OBS can take the browser as a source and will ignore everything else, so no editing required


But I've heard it can be a hassle to learn or setup, wouldn't know haven't tried.


oh wait.. but the screenshare of jitsi would probably still have it 😅


I did use OBS it's pretty easy to setup, but there are some kind of hidden options you need to set right. I never edited eny video through, I just either broadcasted love to YouTube, or just put the raw recording to YouTube later.