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@gklijs I switched to colemak years back, happy I did, you really have a chance to notice and unlearn bad habits you might have built up learning blind typing on qwerty. But what I would recommend is not looking at your keyboard ever.. I force myself to do that by not having any key print on my hhkb in the first place.


just type the key you -guess- the unlearned key might be at and if it's wrong you will have immediate feedback, as long as that key isn't enter that shouldn't be an issue and you feed your brain the "that's wrong" signal which it needs for muscle memory.


Yes, but it's nice to have the keys mapped at the driver level instead of needing some additional software. At least that's the difference I think. I currently learning Colemak with a fully programmable keyboard, and almost confident enough to switch.


Ah yes, I can see that being useful if you directly interface with remote computers. I'm mostly on macOS and hardly have any issues with it.


happy to see there's more fellow colemak'ers around here 🙂

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Ohh framework might be arriving next year? I want to switch.. but my computer is a bit overkill at the moment though, so it'll probably last me a while. Not the worst situation to be in tho 😅


How can a computer be overkill? 😉


Yes, mine is kind of done/unreliable after shutting down during a talk with 60% battery.. Also considering a desktop, but will be a bit weird for talks.


aaah yes... that is no good.


I mean.. it's a laptop with 5900HX, 3080, 3TB of storage, and 2x32GB of 3200 cl22 ram.


nice... and I am sure that are ways to keep that busy 😉


Haha yeah! There's always something! Docker and VMs really help with that.

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docker is always the solution to having too much computing resources