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Fellow Dutch Clojurians! Next week is gonna be the Dutch Clojure Meetup. So far we only have one speaker (moi), so there is room for anyone who has something to share. Any levels are welcome, and varying durations are also welcome. It’s gonna be a small and friendly group. It will also be recorded (slides, video and audio) and posted to Youtube if you’re comfortable with it, so if it may be a great selling point on your resume!


on a similar note, I've been busy with the debacle a bit


a) I updated the details (yes, is still alive) b) I've experimented with other suppliers to see what would be the best option for me, currently happy with DownToMeet so if anyone wants to be my beta tester here we go:


Beta tested a bit: Landing page looks great, clear information and nice formatting for the content. Signing up and setting attendance was easy and to the point. It was followed up by some fun questions. two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


good stuff! from the admin perspective the tool is also years ahead of, so happy to see that it works also from attendees side. need more beta testing of course 🙂


now, for something completely different: DCD20 is officially scheduled, open and receiving CFP proposals!


(cross posting from #announcements) Dutch Clojure Days, the free yearly conference of Clojure enthusiasts and practitioners in the Netherlands, is scheduled to happen in Amsterdam on Saturday, May 16th. You can already register your spot ( or participate to the CFP (


I'm not missing it this time! Already have my ticket


Btw I already said I was going on, should I double book it on downtomeet?


@hobosarefriends there's no need to reserve your spot in both places


I encourage you to try downtomemet for testing purposes (as folks know, I'm trying to get away from


but currently registrations also work


I'll do my duties of merging the attendees list to figure out the overall attendance


I'll remove my attendance in meetup and try dtm just to check out the full experience then.


It seems like it doesn't automatically add itself to your calendar. I haven't decided whether this is a good thing or bad thing


Yeah, it sends a .ics which Gmail automatically turns into an event


With a reminder for 30 min before, but dtm has a button which lets you add the reminder to your calendar, but it doesn't automatically include the location or a link to the meetup


So :man-shrugging:


mkay, that's indeed suboptimal


@hobosarefriends I see that the .ics file from Add to calendar actually includes all of the details you mentioned, so it seems to be a limitation with their integration with Google calendar specifically


Weird, but it is beta, they'll probably fix that eventually


guess so, I just sent my feedback to their customer support service anyways


it does include the description though, so for a very cruddy workaround you can put a link at the top of the description I suppose 😄