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I'll see, wanted to come, but I'm already away Wednesday and Friday, so if it's just hands-on-coding I'll probably skip.


G'day Mates


Hi all! This month (Thursday November 28 to be precise) we’re hosting a coding dojo in Eindhoven again. This time it’s not about Clojure, but it does relate to functional programming. The topic is “no ifs or buts”: > What if your compiler or interpreter decided that it would no longer accept conditional statements or loops? Would you still be able to write meaningful programs? Find out by doing this exercise where you’re not allowed to use if-statements, switch, for, while, etc… You might even learn a thing or two about functional programming. > * Dinner & Drinks are included > * No specific programming language experience is required > * Just bring your laptop with your favorite IDE > * Please forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested Registration can be done at: Would be nice to see some of you again! 🙂