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@stefan.van.den.oord I've been wondering how hard that is to set-up and get something going. Did your workshop have any cool quick results?


It’s quite easy actually. We didn’t get very far because we had limited time for the actual coding. We were doing a 2D platform game, there were other tracks about world building and physics, the demos that came out of it were quite impressive.


If enough ppl are interested I could quickly show a bit at the meetup in September.


Good to hear it was easy, I'd think game development is place number one where you'd want the close feedback loop clojure provides.




I won't be in The Netherlands until Christmas, but I'd certainly join the meetup if I was there.

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We showed it to our colleagues but it seems until you’ve actually done it yourself, people don’t seem to the get the advantages of REPL driven development. I know I didn’t when I first started doing Clojure!


Agreed, it's not so easy to convey the power. You really have to highlight the contrast "see normally you have to make all these changes and wait for the compilation and program to run".


And show it's okay to inspect the environment, and change it. I think with a game environment it might be more obvious because you can visually see the feedback very fast.


Very true I think. These unity devs are so used to restarting their game though, that they don’t even realize they are doing it all the time, so they don’t see it as a problem/opportunity-for-improvement.