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Hallo, tried working on the train.. it wasn't so bad.


Why should it be bad. There are small annoyances like when the train heavily shakes, flimsy tables to put your laptop one, or noisy other people, but that aside?

Lennart Buit07:08:52

yeah, I work on the train daily, but its indeed not a place to do overly focused work. Reviewing a PR or answering messaging is doable tho πŸ™‚


If it's even slightly warm or a bit too full I can't focus at all it gives me a headache, but I'm just a bit too sensitive for it. πŸ˜…


Sometimes I even get motion sickness if it involves reading.


In my experience, as long as you can sit down and have decent headphones it is pretty ok!


But indeed if you have motion sickness it’s not fun 😞