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I got some data visualisations build with kixi and oz in preparation for my talk at the kafka meetup. Maybe I could show the (clojure) code to run the test and display them next clojure meetup?


clojure doesn't look bad in these benchmarks at all, i'm surprised to see that rust doesn't perform as good


it's probably because clojure and kotlin are JVM based ?


When the load is low the cpu of Rust is still less. But it seems once JVM does it's magic after some iterations it becomes more efficient cpu-wise. The memory need of rust is very low, just 8 MiB instead of 200 - 1000+. Kotlin is using spring while Clojure is just using Java interop for the clients, and for PostgreSQL.


goes without saying, the meetup would be happy to have you on stage to discuss the details 🙂