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any chance of presenting on the subject in the Netherlands?


don’t have something scheduled yet, but I’d be happy to!


I like the content @joelkuiper and tried to fiddle with RDF / SparQL a few years ago but the weight of the specs and the crufty implementations made it feel like an abandoned corner of the web. The big boys don’t give any props for using it and Google. MS et al have moved to microdata. So it was refreshing to see you bringing some fresh technology to the table.


* Update since I last looked, google now propose JSON-LD


I guess it would also be nice hear you rant about AMP 💩


I was partially “forced” into investigating it, since it’s a common format for biomedical ontologies … but it’s actually really nice if you just take the good parts (as for most things :p), I now use RDF as my de-facto graph store and it also plays very nice with logic inference


personally I’m sort of ambigious about the web becoming more closed, on the one had its great that we now have an application delivery platform that scales (something Java Web Applets promised, but not delivered) … but on the other hand the linked structure (hyperlinks) and semantic markup of HTML (and XHTML, RDF, RSS/Atom) are an incredibly valuable idea


and it’d be a shame if we neglected that “world wide web” in favor of “the browser is just a javascript runtime for client-server apps”


luckily I have Tim Berners Lee on my side here, but sometimes I feel its a losing battle 😛


and with YeSPARQL (shameless plug) you get all the cool parts of logic inference, graph stores, federated queries … in a single dependency!


it’s work in progress, but the requirements are right now driven by what I need and use in my projects 😛


if the rallying cry is PDFs must die, I will march on town hall with you


of course the mobile story for the web is pretty shit, so there’s that