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I'm considering using clojure for a freelance one-programmer project. I like to be able to tell my clients that they can easily hire other freelancers/studios for maintenance, which is why I often choose more widely known languages like php or js. Any ideas whether finding people for maintaining / improving clojure projects is difficult nowadays in NL / amsterdam area?


(my client probably doesn't care / know about programming language choice, I just prefer to deliver a project that doesn't fully depend on me for the upcoming years)


I get the impression that there are more and more Clojure programmers in NL, but that's just a gut feeling.


good to know, did you yourself have to make such a decision at some point, or do you get hired because clients want clojure specifically?


I get hired for Clojure, but I know where you are getting at. I could not convince a Java-shop client of mine to use Clojure, precisely because of the possible difficulty of finding Clojure devs.


@joost-diepenmaat and a partner are doing freelance Clojure if I'm not mistaking


I see, thanks, will put them on the list


django has which can be useful/reassuring in cases like this. couldn't find any sites like this for clojure, or do you know one?


(asked at #C05006WDW as well since this isn't nl-only)


hey @sander yes we are generally available for doing clojure project work. See also