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I’ve just starting working through Web Development with Clojure, Second Edition ( I’m currently using Sublime as my editor, as that’s my default daily editor for Ruby on Rails, but I’m open to the idea of trying something new. I know that asking developers which editor is the best is a fool’s errand, but I’m wondering what everyone else is using? I’d definitely be keen to hear any tips on how to get more out of Sublime for Clojure dev too.


So far the book seems really good so far. Have any of you been through it, maybe the first edition?


I haven’t read it. I’ve heard it’s good though.


Re editors, I think Emacs followed by Cursive is the most popular. Personally I like Cursive, but I spent a couple of years in the C# mines so my ‘ew ide’-ness is not high.


I’d say it’s probably a lot easier to start with Cursive.


👍 to Cursive. Atom is pretty good too. a lot of people will naturally say emacs+cider and vim+vim fireplace, the former probably the experience having the most energy behind it.


I have used IntelliJ Idea in a previous life so Cursive looks interesting. I’ve been resisting the urge to jump into either Emacs or Vim mainly due to the perceived fairly steep learning curve and investment required. I really like using Sublime for my Rails work, but I feel like the tooling for Clojure just isn’t there and is quite important. I’ll go check out Cursive, but it's good to know Atom is a viable option too — I’ve been waiting for it to mature before considering moving to it from Sublime as I heard some horror stories about it deleting files off disk in the early days.


@raspygold eh, Atom has long been stable and has outpaced Sublime in just about every way, except startup time and battery usage.


@gerred Ok, sounds like I should have another look at Atom too, I haven’t had a look at it since very soon after it launched.


the sublime clojure creator made proto-repl, here’s a great setup guide:


frankly i’m moving to atom/vscode because I’m sick of keeping my vim config in a sane place.