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hey ya @ianchow yeah I noticed perhaps not all members in #C07DYCRJP are Malaysian. Btw I do clojure for hobby. I wish to use Clojure in my company's project but I think my experience still not enough and only me know clojure for time being. For hobby project I still developing an android app using clojure. It's quite fun and I do really enjoy. I wish in future there's company will use clojure extensively in Malaysia. And I wish there will be more local programmer know clojure.


i doubt there are many companies or startups in msia using clojure, if any. if there are enough members here interested i guess we could start a user group and meetups. react native android and are still too new for me- they require much effort to learn due to lack of documentation. i'm experimenting with + datascript + datomic backend for a scheduling web app. there is basically zero open source examples for this setup now, so hopefully someone smart will do a write-up about such a system.