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Tuesday or wed, not the second wed of the month


Ideally it shouldn't clash with the Santa Monica meetup as I'd love to attend both ;-) @dorab would it be possible to run both under the same meetup group? It's called Clojure LA after all


apropos alternate locations, it's been a long time (years?!) since i've been able to make it to LA, but i'm in OC (mission viejo) now and would love to meet up with sympatico peoples down here also


if only for


@lukaszkorecki We can, and should, run through the same Meetup for as long as it remains practical. Especially, if each Meetup is on different days. Earlier, we had tried running the Meetup on weekdays and weekends (say, once a quarter). This was in particular to allow far-away folks an easier commute to the Meetup. That did not seem to work out. The set of folks who could make it on weekdays and on weekends seemed almost mutually disjoint. Perhaps we can also try some Hangout / video-conference as well. I'd be happy to try any option that gets more people involved.

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Eric Scott21:02:38

@alandipert If you're in the Southern end of OC, you may be interested to know that there's a San Diego Meetup. Also a #clojure-sandiego. We try to meet the second Tuesday of each month.


thanks! i jumped in

Eric Scott19:02:53

Great! Look forward to seeing you!