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Reminder: our next meetup is this Wednesday, August 8 at 6:30 PM:


Our presentation this week will be The Clojure Underground: Boot &amp; Hoplon, by Alan Dipert


> Boot is one of the least popular Clojure build tools. Hoplon is ClojureScript's least popular frontend web framework. Where most build tools are declarative, Boot is decidedly imperative. Where most trending frameworks are based on or inspired by React, Hoplon... isn't. > The question is: are Boot and Hoplon unpopular because they suck, and are the alternatives more popular because they are better in every way? > Of course, the tech world fashion pages are full of these false dichotomies, but the reality is not that simple. Something can be unpopular and still possibly be interesting and worth learning to you. I will do my best to explain Boot and Hoplon through demonstration, comparing them to the alternatives, and you can decide for yourself: are you ready to join the underground?