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Steven Deobald09:09:12

Hey gang. It's a bit of a stretch that perhaps some of you are both Clojure meditators and Vipassana hackers, but if you happen to be both (and want a chance to work with the Crux database on an open source project), we're building a library for Pariyatti and migrating from Ruby to Clojure right now:

oxalorg (Mitesh)14:09:10

This sounds interesting! What are your goals with this migration?

Steven Deobald08:09:32

@U013MQC5YKD A few things. Ruby doesn't seem to have the developer surface area I assumed it had, so volunteers are hard to come by. Rails assumes a lot about the kind of database you're using and it doesn't really like to play with Neo4j at all. Also, Ruby is a terrible programming language, in my obviously unbiased opinion. 😉 Initially, we'd started working with Clojure and Neo4j but when we learned about Crux, we started playing with that and so far we're quite happy with it. Since Crux considers the concept of "time" as a first-class citizen, it maintains an immutable transaction log of all events which ever hit the database... meaning that migrating away from Crux will be (if necessary) much easier than migrating away from Neo4j. The migration is therefore twofold: Ruby => Clojure and Neo4j => Crux. Crux is optional at this point but I don't think we'd decide against Clojure anymore. Everyone is happy with it.

oxalorg (Mitesh)09:09:47

> Ruby is a terrible programming language I would have to agree with you on that (python for life though 😇 ) Thanks for the explanation @U01AVNG2XNF I'm pretty new to Clojure and I'm also super interested in Buddhism, meditation, and living a virtuous life. This seems like a perfect mix. I would be elated to serve in any way I can. ^_^ I'm currently reading the docs at am I moving in the right direction?

Steven Deobald11:09:51

@U013MQC5YKD Totally! The README for the agga repo is definitely the best place to get started for now. Though I did just have a meeting with someone this morning who said in no uncertain terms I need to make the on-boarding process a lot simpler and... offline. At the moment it usually involves a 2-3 hour video chat with me. Ha ha! We have a Discord server you're welcome to join: -- happy to carry on the conversation over there. My email is <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and my number is <tel:+919845064156|+91 98450 64156> if you'd rather contact me over Signal / Telegram / etc. I'm not on Slack much.

oxalorg (Mitesh)14:09:27

Thank you for this Steven appreciate it! I've joined the Discord channel ^_^