# clojure-germany

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thomas 14:03:21

nice result @shinych

spfeiffer 14:07:53

Whats $? :slightly_smiling_face:

shinych 14:09:00

We've been 11 people and it was quite inspiring and also fun.
Most of all I personally was impressed by the overall level of people: compared to other camps (java, js) the FPlers seem to be like from a major league. (didn't want to insult anyone but this is how it feels)

shinych 14:09:42

$ - was a topic "how do I sell FP to my customers/boss/colleagues/..."

shinych 14:10:46

λ - FP in general; concepts above languages

ordnungswidrig 18:53:14

shinych: congrats! That looks like a good start. I’m planning to join a meetup eventually.