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Hi! I just posted this in #C05006WDW, and perhaps it's welcome here too...


Rewe Digital has a couple Clojure jobs in Cologne, Germany. To add to their 5-person English speaking team. Afterwards, they plan to grow a second Clojure team. Rewe is a major German supermarket & tourism chain. About three years ago, they formed an "internal startup." Currently it has ~100 devs total, across JVM languages. (Including, I believe, Kotlin.) Managers confirmed to me that the Clojure team is considered highly effective. Feel free to ask me any questions, or email Emil Yessenamanov <[email protected]>. (I'm not compensated by Rewe; just want to help spread Clojure. Remote work is currently unavailable. Happy to answer any questions, including regarding critiques, compensation, etc.)


Wow, cool to know that Rewe is using Clojure


Yeah, seems all the orders on are processed by a Clojure microservice.


Very cool indeed.