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Joshua Suskalo15:11:19

quil is the go-to

Joshua Suskalo15:11:31

visualizations in general are not super active in the clojure community

Joshua Suskalo15:11:53

if you want to write shaders you basically have to go for play-cljc or something similar

Joshua Suskalo15:11:06

which means you'll be writing not simple 2d graphics stuff but a full on 3d pipeline


Got it. Honestly doing 3d might not be terrible since I could get some interesting 3d rotations or something as part of the visualizations.


I think I'll still start with quil. Appreciate the input!

Joshua Suskalo21:11:37

For clarity if you've never done much in graphics: all 2d stuff is just an orthographic projection over a 3d "simulated world"

Joshua Suskalo21:11:44

the entire graphics pipeline using GPUs is all 3d

Joshua Suskalo21:11:08

So quil and other 2d tools are either slow because they don't use hardware acceleration, or they're a 2d projection of a 3d space.

Joshua Suskalo21:11:20

in the case of quil it's the latter

Joshua Suskalo21:11:15

So what I'm meaning to say here is if you go the play-cljc route or similar and make hardware accelerated stuff from the ground up, you can get the same 2d results, you'll just be building them yourself.


@U5NCUG8NR when you use p3d renderer with quil, you get hardware accelerated 3d stuff, no?

Joshua Suskalo15:11:15

probably? I've never looked at quil. The point I was making is that "all hardware accelerated graphics on modern hardware is 3d", not that quil wasn't hardware accelerated.

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I found that shaders can be done with 2d and 3d renderer, so Quiĺ might be a good choice.

Joshua Suskalo15:11:53

ah, good to know