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Hey, guys! Do you know what happened with Arcadia? I am writing an article about Clojure for Flutter, and I wanted to include some other Clojure domains, like gamedev. So I went on Arcadia github page, and seems like nothing happened for the last 3 years. Is it fair to say that it's dead? Why is that happened?

Joshua Suskalo14:06:23

Arcadia godot was updated more recently, but both projects seem to be on hiatus. I suspect it's just that either the devs don't have enough time, or they became satisfied enough with the ability to make games in clojure that they could deprioritize it and move on. I'm unsure where the devs are anymore.


Chances are they probably still work fine. Since they sort just hook into the C# and piggyback off that they possibly don't have to really keep up with all the changes to the engines? I haven't created a game using them myself but thats what it sounded like. Could be wrong though. I bet there is a dedicated Slack channel here for Arcadia


Might not be a channel actually...

Joshua Suskalo16:06:44

They have gitter channels, not slack ones


When I tried Arcadia a while back it threw warnings (and errors maybe) because any current unity version is incompatible. Probably that isn't a huge thing to fix though. I think the latest supported was 2018 or something. I really want to use the latest when I start a new project.


I have to update my message. I just made stuff work with unity 2019.4.16f1 I guess there isn't really a reason why newer versions should not work. The only thing that is throwing errors for me rn is the nrepl code that is handleling and failing to handlle cider requests 🙂

Joshua Suskalo19:07:39

ah, so it's just an outdated nrepl against a modern cider?


eval and print works though

Joshua Suskalo19:07:52

Or is it just that it's clojureCLR missing the sidecar stuff cider wants it to load

Joshua Suskalo19:07:13

since cider brings in its own nrepl middleware


I don't think so. Looks quite handcrafted the code that throws


yea but it jut doesn't make requests usually if "not supported" I think


I have in mind to fix that Nrepl file a biit