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js is popular, lots of libraries to choose from

Garrett Hopper16:04:45

@selfsame Are you able to do REPL driven development with the (gen-class)?

Garrett Hopper16:04:14

I was hoping to get something that could target jvm and js, but apparently Libgdx's GWT support has to be written in Java.


@ghopper yeah that can only be eval'd once, but if you wrap fns for each method you can do a repl workflow just fine

Garrett Hopper16:04:33

I'm not a big fan of Unity, but perhaps I should go ahead and try Arcadia. Is it fairly stable nowadays?


yeah Arcadia is pretty stable, and if you run into problems I can usually help sort them out


but I build games with it all the time for the 3 desktop platforms

Garrett Hopper16:04:56

Does it still require quite a bit of fiddling with the Unity UI?


no these days you just clone it into Assets and the repl will start up


editor/repl options are a bit sparse though, we don't have nRepl

Garrett Hopper16:04:55

Huh, I'll have to give it a try then.

Garrett Hopper16:04:07

@selfsame Does Arcadia work with the WebGL target?


no doesn't work with the IL2CPP targets (webgl, iOS) yet


so just desktop and android

Garrett Hopper16:04:44

Good to know :thumbsup: