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Good morning 🙂 Anyone got a life hack for recurring lower back pain? I can't really tie it to anything - whether I'm weight lifting or not, whether I'm walking, sitting down, lying down or whatever. I've had x-rays and a specialist in psoriasis arthritis check me out (I have psoriasis), and they didn't find anything. I've had acupuncture, with a low current as well, that did nothing. I weight lift every other day(ish) currently, I go for long walks with my son every day, and I stand up at my desk more than I ever have. I'm more fit today than I've been for the past 2-3 years. Yet I'm currently having the worst, most immobilising pain that I think I ever had.

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A few life hacks, definitely not into 'medical advice' territory... Have your work (and workout) posture observed by somone other than you, preferrably take pictures/videos, then pass them to a professional If you sit a lot, check exercises that 'undo' that sitting Last but not least, fairly frequent massages, whether they're simply a water massage jet at your gym's spa, or a massage gun


I got a Beurer massage gun earlier this year, I consider it to have been a solid investment and part of my (rather heavy) sports routine. I use it right before sleeping As a general guideline, never massage directly over joints, instead go for the muscle. My PT says, a relaxed muscle frees up the joints and tendons I definitely notice the difference in the lower back before/after the massage.


A last one that has been life-changing for me has been stretching. I've successfully used it to tackle knee and elbow discomfort. For many years it seemed a pointless thing to do to me... until I experienced the results :)

Ben Sless06:07:35

As part of your lifting routine, do you deadlift? Try adding regular dead-hangs from pull up bar Did you notice any movement associated with it? Temperature or weather change? May want to look at Alexander method


What helped me a lot was an iyengar yoga practice. 3 times a week. It's a long time process though. However I would start with regular physiotherapy first.


Frome the yoga you can try: 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 and 16 from the image below.


TBH weight lifting, standing and even walking can make things worsen. You need to build proper muscle and pose structure to support your core.

Mario Trost06:07:02

Stretching/Yoga and a new bed helped me a lot


> TBH weight lifting, standing and even walking can make things worsen. You need to build proper muscle and pose structure to support your core. Generally movement is better than no movement, it's how one gets out of most injuries ("let it rest" is generally bad advice past the few days mark) And strength is better than weakness 🙂 it's very common to have weak glutes, hips, etc all of which affect the lower back. Since the body is a chain, one is as strong as the weakest link in that chain Note that weight lifting doesn't have to mean doing the 'big lifts' like the squat or bench press. You can pick a light elastic band and bootstrap from there ...Of course there are many schools of thought, I wouldn't want to engage in a debate.


Yes, yes, that's true. I agree with it. The crucial point is to make all routines in the proper way.

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I have had great success with chiropractors to relieve back pain and muscle tension. That can make the pain manageable, or sometimes make it disappear entirely, so that you can start moving the joints again to prevent it from locking up again.


I often have more back pains and lock-ups when I’m in stressed periods. Not because my posture changes, but because I’m way more tense.


+1 for yoga. Also you may want to check what type of shoes you’re wearing.


Sorry to hear you are suffering @U0AQ3HP9U! This is probably similar to some yoga poses, but I do a McKenzie Method stretch as regular maintenance to help with my sketchy back. Here's the book a friend turned me onto years ago I don't know if it would help you, but it has made a huge difference for me.


Thanks all for the good advice! Definitely things that I want to check out, like stretching, yoga, Alexander and a massage gun. To clarify a few things; I’ve been having this recurring pain for maybe 10 years. I can have long normal periods without any pain or immobilisation whatsoever, and it can return at whatever time. It’s around the thigh/hip joint - it does not feel like muscle pain, more like nerve pain maybe? But not quite? I don’t know, I don’t have a good comparison. When it appears, it lasts for anything from 1 to several days. I walk stiffly, to varying degrees throughout the days, trying to avoid quick turns- they seem to to trigger it more. I can go months without experiencing it. I think I started experiencing it after I got my first developer job. Yeah. Lots of sitting down and eating cake 🙂 And no exercise, I had never done that stuff 😄 I got really fit - the fittest of my life, I guess - doing crossfit regularly, 2-3 times a week, primarily focusing on weight lifting, for a couple of years, about 6-7 years ago. My deadlift PR was 123 Kilogram and counting, a progress which I was quite proud of and happy about, and I was focusing quite a bit on good form. I never had injuries. All the while, the back pain was as dependably irregular and dependably recurring as ever. I saw no clear pattern to when it would occur. In recent years, I’ve maybe learnt that lying on the couch with my computer on my lap can be a trigger, as well as sitting lazily on my office chair (butt a bit forward on the seat). But, even when avoiding that, it can appear. I do see that posture is perhaps the issue. I feel fairly confident that my current weight lifting is decently informed in terms of form, and I ramp up the weight slowly, using slower speed and just squeezing my muscles to get more out of lower weights. Importantly, I have nobody watching me, I just use dumbbells at home because I don't have time to go to a fitness center. Filming it is probably a good idea. Oh, and as for shoes, I try to walk more (exclusively, in warm seasons) barefoot at home. I love my recently acquired barefoot shoes, and I’m starting out using toe spacers.

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It sounds sciatica-like, is it a possibility you have discarded already?


@U45T93RA6 certainly not, thanks for the pointer! Will read more into it.


I wish I had been more body conscious when I was younger, so I could prepare for my older years. But it makes sense that I lacked that kind of awareness of the frail future - I felt invincible and eternal, not as a grandiose thing, just like a natural, inherent thing. When I look back at some of the shit I pulled then... Such casual disdain for mortality 😮


Sorry to hear you are in pain, @U0AQ3HP9U! I think the key here is a correct diagnosis. I was incorrectly diagnosed with a lower back pain a lot of years ago. Twice. First by a physiotherapist, then by a chiropractor. When I then had the luck to work at a place where we had a physiotherapist at the premise, he concluded that the exercises and treatment I’ve received so far only worsened my condition. I could concur. He gave me some very mild and simple exercises that helped me almost immediately. I still do the exercises almost daily.


Isn’t chiropractor thing non-scientific? I don’t have the full knowledge of it, I may very well be wrong

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I don’t know either, but my experience with the chiropractor left me happy that i didn’t get severely hurt.

Ben Sless11:07:20

It is anti scientific, read about its history and theory. My mother wasted years and $ sending me to chiropractors for zero effect and they should all be tarred and feathered as charlatans


Not sure if chiropractors in other countries than Denmark is something different than what I’m used to, but here you take a degree in clinical biomechanics plus practical experience. Pretty sure it is rooted in science. There is definitely nothing magical about it.


The wikipedia articles on both chiropractors and osteopathy are pretty scarily worded :thinking_face: I don't have a particular opinion about either. I happened to visit a osteopath once and he never uttered pseudoscientific-sounding words? The experience didn't seem much different from massages or advice you'd get from a PT.


@U0ETXRFEW I'm happy you were sent on the right track! idk about chiropractors. I think they're pretty widely accepted as legit in Denmark, but I have had no insight into their scientific background or training, really. @UK0810AQ2 what was your problem, and did it get solved?

Ben Sless09:07:01

I'm not sure I even had a problem. Mild scoliosis which straightened out over time

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Ivar Refsdal08:08:01

Sorry to hear about your pain @U0AQ3HP9U. If this happened after starting a developer job, have you tried working less? Do you have the opportunity to work e.g. 80% for say 1 or 2 months to see if your body feels significantly different? Do you have any idea how long your "sitting" is before taking a break/walking around? Have you seen a physiotherapist? My favorite exercise for the lower back is the There is also the (I don't do these nearly enough myself, but they are good, I think.) I also have a to massage my back, feels good for me.


hacky morning!

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Morning to you


Good morning.

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Morning all.


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Morning, Granada from Alhambra

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