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Cold morning?

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Cold here in Ottawa now, too! -30° C!


Only about ten here


Good morning! My talk wasn't accepted in Conj, so given how amazing my proposal was, the quality of the talks is going to be phenomenal 😅

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This was meant to be self-deprecating! Let me rephrase: I think that given there were 100 submissions and only 23 slots, I think that these slots will be given to much more interesting talks than my experience report.


I might submit the talk to an online meetup instead.


Don’t worry, the humor traveled over the tubes


@U7PBP4UVA London Clojurians is a good place to give talks outside of conferences. My nbb talk wasn't accepted when I submitted it to re-clojure in 2021 but instead I got offered a place at London Clojurians, which is quite good as you have the whole evening just for your talk :)


London Clojurians is definitely interesting! Is there also a discussion after the event? I’ve only watched recordings.

Gabriel Kovacs11:02:32

When receiving a rejection do you also get feedback letting you know why the talk was rejected and how you could improve to increase your chances for next time?


The feedback I got was that they had made a different selection, but that the talk was still interesting enough for London Clojurians

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Gabriel Kovacs11:02:20

Thx for the info. I thought that this would be similar to the selection of papers in an academic context.


I think one of the issues may have been that the theme was data science and I wasn't even aware of that ;)

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There were many, many talks that were on-topic and interesting but we just simply did not have room for (almost all in fact!) - the selection process was very difficult. After several years with few in-person conferences, there are clearly many people with interesting stories to tell. We would encourage you to submit these talks to future Clojure (or non-Clojure!) conferences.


That was my feedback. I don't think the Conj team has time to give feedback to 70+ not-accepted talks.

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Gabriel Kovacs12:02:39

I must admit that I am ignorant with regards to the effort that goes into organizing such a conference.


Btw mine was not accepted either. I think that makes it the least interesting talk proposal I have ever had. It’s been rejected at five or six different conferences now.


Aw sucks. For me it’s partly also a relief, I don’t have to stress over the next couple of months :)


This is true. Now I can just enjoy the conj.


It would have been a bit weird being in stage telling Rich why we went for Postgres instead of Datomic


Well, why did you? 😅


We didn’t choose Datomic because that was one exotic technology too many. We already picked Clojure in that area, and for a company with clients that might want their data exported or even connected via a BI tool, SQL was the obvious choice.


PostgreSQL is so awesome. It always works, it’s very carefully crafted over the years, like Clojure. And it’s open source


And when you need some dynamism, jsonb FTW :)

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)07:02:49

I'd like to also join this club of rejects :-) My Unscaryfying Fulcro talk has now been rejected 3 times so I still have a way to catch up to Erik 😅


I don’t think I’ve ever heard negative words about Postgres 😮

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)22:02:20

I have 4: it is not Datomic 😉

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Morning all.


Good morning

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