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Ben Sless03:06:10

Morning! Qq regarding entry requirements into Germany, do I only need proof of vaccination or is a covid test also required?


TL;DR: depends where you are coming in from.


I think neither is needed. They lifted the requirement some week ago. It was mentioned in #clojured . But the links provided there didn't clear things up for me very much, tbh.

Ben Sless06:06:31

I believe proof of vaccination is required but a test only if you come in from a particular hotspot

Ben Sless06:06:55

Are you coming, too?


You may need to wear an FFP2 mask (or N95 , KN95 mask) on the flight (which I would highly recommend anyway when traveling). This type of mask was required for all passengers on a flight I took from UK to Germany last week (cloth masks were not sufficient and people without suitable masks were no able to fly)

Ben Sless06:06:59

Do surgical masks count for that?


I'm coming too! Flying with EasyJet. They do not allow surgical masks, I think.

Ben Sless06:06:07

I'm flying in with Turkish so no issue on that direction


The easyJet staff were not clear at first what masks were required. I'd suggest getting a few disposable FFP2 masks for your own health and comfort anyway. I recommend checking with your airline a day or two before flying as to mask & other requirements, they can change quickly and BA.4 & BA.5 variants are on the rise) If using easyJet or Ryanair (or other budget airlines) be aware they have cancelled 100s of flights recently (I assume this is mostly UK flights though - because of major staff shortages due to B...)


When I visited England from the US in March, the requirements changed repeatedly between when I booked and when I flew, and then changed while I was there, so keeping track of what's actually required on a day-to-day basis can be hard 😞 I had hoped that the link I posted (to the German Federal Foreign Office) would be the most up-to-date and accurate but, as we all know, government sites don't always get updated promptly. As John says, wear a comfortable N95 mask on the plane regardless of the actual rules (and there are comfortable N95's out there -- although most of them are horribly uncomfortable). Unless it's crystal clear in a country's government travel guidelines, I would just assume proof of vaccination is mandatory to enter (although some countries allow proof of recent recovery from COVID with a doctor's letter) in lieu of proof of vaccination. Also bear in mind that the requirements for traveling home to your country of origin may well be different then the requirements for traveling out to somewhere (e.g., leaving out of San Francisco airport no longer required a pre-test, arriving in the UK no longer required a post-arrival test -- although it still did when we booked the flight! -- but returning from the UK to the US required a pre-departure test in England, which we had to book and pay for well in advance!).


(it was very strange to arrive at Heathrow and find almost no one wearing a mask -- and we barely saw any masks for our entire two-week stay there)

Ben Sless08:06:05

I'll just make like Arthur Dent and not panic. Already have a towel


The requirement to wear a mask in the aeroplane also appears to differ depending on the airline. I took a BA flight to BER last month and over half the flight were wearing no mask (including staff), and no mask enforcement was taking place. I had understood their policy to be that you should wear a mask if it's required on public transport of the destination, and FFP2/N95 masks are legally required on the public transport in Berlin — I had assumed it was because BER is technically in Brandenburg, not Berlin, and maybe had different rules.


I might not make it to clojureD 😔 I don’t know if the masks I've bought are FFP2 and as is listed as required on flights to Germany. And I'm inside security check so can't buy anything else.


In Berlin what the law states and what is enforced tend to be rather different things. Wearing any sort of mask will already make you more law abiding than some.


This will depend on what EasyJet enforces.


@U0ETXRFEW I suggest asking when you get to the gate if your mask is suitable. If not, try asking the waiting passengers if they have a spare you could buy (most people will be carrying several, quite a few had packets of masks

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I didn't know about the mask requirement until I got to the gate at the airport (rules changes a couple of weeks ago and easyJet at Gatwick were enforcing the policy)


I’ll do that. Not easy for an introvert, I tell ya!


You could ask if the easyJet staff could make an announcement, asking if anyone has a spare mask (assuming your mask is not okay). Not sure if they will do that... But you could ask


I found a small kiosk here where they had this mask!

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Thanks for the coaching, @U05254DQM ! I would have needed it!


Seems I worried for naught. Most people have the kind of mask I had brought. Even some in the cabin crew.

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Better safe than sorry...


guten Abend!


Morning! On my way to Berlin, but with one longish stop on the way

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I henceforth REPLedge my appreciation of interactive programming.

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good morning


Good morning. TGIF!!!


Where are you all at, the hotel?


It was near the old bridge at the hotel. That was just a random grouping though. I’m not that popular 🥴


I thought those were your groupies




I mean good morning, from Berlin


Have fun at ClojureD all of you who are going!

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Good morning!