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seems like a Wera ad baloon


I own such screwdrivers, they are among the best.


Yep good stuff


Morning! Is that a hot-air-balloon or are you really good at throwing your screwdriver and taking a picture of it?

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So, now that the confirmation of our oldest son is done, and the speach is held, I feel a sudden urge to write a series of blog posts about or migration from mongo to postgres. But perhaps not today.


What kind of confirmation?


“Konfirmasjon” is originally a christian religious thing, which is a confirmation of the vows given when baptized. Since we’re becoming more secular, we now also have a “Konfirmasjon” which is not connected to any religion, but more a celebration of a coming of age,


So, Felix had his non-religious “Konfirmasjon” yesterday, which constitutes a ceremony in the Town Hall (where the Nobel Peace Prize is delivered), and then we had a party with friends and relatives. Exhausting for an old man.


And congrats!


Congratulations @U04V5VAUN. @U04V15CAJ It’s very common in all of the Nordic countries.


The Netherlands is becoming more secular but with it, all the "rituals" are thrown out too, I've never heard of something like this over here


We call it “nonfirmation” in Denmark 😄 I think one reason it survives here is that the Christian “konfirmation” ritual usually involves a big party and lots of presents, so many kids don’t want to miss out on that.


Makes sense :)


Like having Carnival without the fasting ;)


Nor me, seems great.


I was a confirmed Catholic at 11 but it was a festive thing for the group rather than an individual party.


I had an 18th birthday party so that I could legitimately get drunk in front of my parents. It was at a pub rather than the town hall though.


I think that is officialy called an Alcomation


@U04V15CAJ is that a religious thing? We just had the yearly Carnival in Aalborg, that’s just about dressing up in costumes and dancing through the streets behind wagons playing music


No fasting involved (unless you want to get really drunk)


@U0AQ3HP9U Carnival is a Catholic thing where you get dressed and party, before the season of Lent where you fast. But usually people only party and skip the fasting ;)


Same thing! Except there’s nothing religious involved in our specific iteration of Carnival.


Oh, and no fasting, of course. Quite the opposite; you should order some food to soak up the excess alcohol the day after 🙂


Yes, that is why I referenced it: originally it was a religious tradition, but because people like the ceremony/party thing, they made it into a secular version without the hard parts ;)


Religious Script: The Good Parts


Seinfeld has a great episode on secular Christmas: festivus for the rest of us


I’ve heard it referenced 🙂


I know it's off-topic but is it just me or is Seinfield pretty terrible? I never watched it when it was being aired and I find its humour impenetrable today.


@U04V5V0V4 Some people like it (I do) and some people hate it (some of my friends do)


I find it hit & miss


Not a hater but not a fan. My guess is that if you have 10k hours of a supposedly funny show, some of it is bound to be hit but yeah I'm not there for the sifting.


I don't think I've ever seen a bit from that show that I thought was funny -- but I'm very much in a minority over here in the USA. I just tell 'em that humor is cultural and they probably wouldn't find British shows funny either 🙂


(American humor is definitely very different to British humor -- my wife watches a bunch of standup shows on Netflix that just leave me absolutely cold... although we do both find Monty Python funny, which not all Americans do)


I find British humor funny too


I've both enjoyed the British The Office and the US derivation of it ;)


I found the UK version painful -- it was far too close to a place that I worked (but, yes, funny in an awful way) -- but I hated the US version and I pretty much hate everything most of those comic actors have been in ever since.


I also liked Steven Carell (The Office) in Space Force. I thought it would be too lame, but it was actually pretty hilarious (to me). Especially this part:


Yes, The Office was painfully real to me too. But it also helped me recover from that experience ;)


What about Ricky Gervais? I'm watching a new standup show with him now. Laughed a couple of times ;)


I used to like him -- but he's become a very lazy comedian these days, constantly telling (the same tired old) anti-trans and anti-queer jokes -- and I won't watch comedians who "punch down".


I don't usually watch stand up shows on netflix, but I kind of ran out of things to watch


Yeah, most of the standups on Netflix are pretty tasteless these days, it seems. They used to be pretty good about raising minority voices but they've been pandering to the lowest common denominator more...


What other streaming services do you subscribe to? We have Hulu, Prime, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, and some PBS stuff (mostly documentaries).


I only have netflix, there are more available in The Netherlands (Disney and HBO I believe)


We only use Hulu for time-shifting network TV -- most of its original content is awful and it is very much aimed at the masses (i.e., lowest common denominator). We mostly find ourselves watching HBO Max and Disney+ these days. The latter for Star Wars and Marvel content, primarily 🙂


We have Paramount+ for Star Trek stuff, primarily, but Jay watches a lot of crime data shows which CBS/Paramount is pretty good at.


We'll probably start in on Stranger Things (season 4) this weekend on Netflix. And The Boys (season 3 starts this week).


Can't find the latter one on Netflix


Ah, my bad. The Boys is on Prime Video, not Netflix.


I also laughed at some of RG’s latest Netflix special but I agree with @U04V70XH6 that he's getting lazy and punching down despite his contorted attempts during the show to suggest that he isn't.


Carnival was actually a pagan thing that Christians co opted so people would celebrate under the major religion instead.


As is many other “rituals”, anything involving fires, fireworks etc etc.


I've found the Apple TV+ shows really well made. Not a lot of choice but some gems in there. Watched the Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Slow Horses, Severance…


Since we're over on stand ups. I like Michael McInttyre and Kevin Bridges. I grew up listening to Eddy Murphys stand up (on LP records, mind you), but I seem to enjoy UK stand up more than US these days. Not something I spend a lot of time on, though.


After coming to love Curb Your Enthusiasm, I kinda understand more of what Seinfeld was intending to do. At the time it aired (or was re-run in Danish television, idk), it was definitely not for me, and I have no strong desire to revisit. I heard somewhere that some people feel that Seinfeld is dated without realising that they were first in doing a bunch of stuff, don’t know how true that is.


I also liked Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I get that some people just don't get it.


One of my colleagues just doesn’t do that kind of humour.


Which I totally get, but I’m into it.


And lots of Danes are, as evidenced of the popularity of Klovn, which is essentially a Danish localisation of Curb.


The misspelling of Beloved Aunt was an absolute classic :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


It’s funny, they directly ported a bunch of stuff, like specific stories, the theme music and much more. Feels almost lazy when you look at it in a specific light. But they did so well in moving it to a Danish context, and the main characters are not direct ports, but feel more in tune with their “real” actor namesakes. You go, “Ah, that Casper (mirror of Curb’s Jeff) really is an asshole”, and you feel like he is in real life, too, without ever having met him.


@U04V5V0V4 I don’t think I even remember that specific sketch. There’s so much gold 😄


I love Steve Carrell too, but really didn’t dig Space Force.


I think it's in S01 where the newspaper puts a C where there should be an A ... hilarity ensues


The second season of Space Force was even better than the first. Especially the Windows problem I posted earlier ;)


I’m surprised to hear about those anti-trans and anti-queer jokes, @U04V70XH6. Everything I’ve seen of Ricky Gervais’ has been excellent, and mostly with quite thoughtful points mixed in. I expect of him to be offensive, that’s like his MO, but punching down seems beneath him.


Would the perception of those jokes change if Ricky Gervais was a trans/gay himself?


@U0AQ3HP9U I think these comedians are struggling to deal with the notion of offence cos they think it narrows the possible range of subjects but those same comedians would not do racist jokes that were popular among the comedians in the generation(s) before them


I can’t answer that, I haven’t heard the jokes.


@U04V5V0V4 I get that point, and I guess most of us have “weak spots” in our perspectives of other people and their feelings, so why not Ricky, too. I just feel like that exact point that you bring up is something that Ricky would consider, perhaps even bring up himself, and consider in all of his stand up subjects. The bits I’ve seen of him seem so thoroughly thought through. Eh, maybe he’ll learn and get better at treating the subject.


I hope so 🤞:skin-tone-3: cos he is a funny bloke in general


His TV series are usually pretty respectful, right? (I just finished watching Afterlife a while ago).


@U0AQ3HP9U I think Gervais used to be a lot more original and a lot more sympathetic but, like many comedians that get successful and then perform for larger and larger audiences, they get a bit lazy and they know they can get cheap laughs from larger, more mainstream audiences by poking fun at minority groups that "most" of their audience already look down on. That way, they can do less work and still have "plenty of material" for more shows. And I think a lot of people who've seen such comedians from the early days don't always notice when this happens -- unless they happen to be in one of those minorities and recognize that the comedian is turning on them.


I recognize that it's a lot of work for a long-lived comedian to stay fresh and keep coming up with new material and I've been disappointed with several comedians that I used to like that have started to punch down as they get more and more successful.


(my tolerance for crude humor has also declined as I've gotten older -- so there are some comedians I used to love that just make me cringe these days, even when they're not picking on minority groups)


@U04V70XH6 good points. Some creative work seems to shine bright early in the career of the artist, and then quickly wane, as those initial ideas and/or energy is spent. This goes especially for music, but for other things, too, I guess comedy is no exception.


@javahippie I think it's a hot-air-baloon. My WhatsApp Status went crazy when that thing hovered over our village 😉

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good morning


Good morning

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I can confirm that not sharing your food would definitely be considered rude in Greece. I can't imagine having someone over - especially overnight - and not asking if they'd like something to eat. Even if I'm not going to cook or plan to eat, I'm the host and therefore have the role of the "provider" - to a certain extent of course, I'm not going to help them shower or anything. 😂 Never have I considered an alternative to what I'm describing above, so thanks for showing me that it's not like that everywhere. I love that cultures differ like that btw! 🙂


all the examples (i read) of people not getting food seemed to be school-age kids having playdates with friends - but does the same apply to adults too ? ( can't recall as an adult ever having not gotten at least kaffe og kake (and quite often a bucket of cognac), when visiting in norway)

☝️ 2

for the record this would still be weird here: > school-age kids having playdates with friends (and not getting food as guests) but > does the same apply to adults too you have a point, all we have is an infographic and a couple of anecdotal evidence


or do you have a provocation to elicit more research results? :sinister_laugh:

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@UEQPKG7HQ not feeding your school-age kid's mates would also be weird here (england) - but i didn't have any school-age kids when i was in norway so :man-shrugging:


All of France should be deep blue.


Also, is there such a thing as food in the UK? 😇

David Vujic15:05:37

In Sweden, it is also quite common to decline when offered food. “Nej tack” even if you are starving to death! Many swedes (at least in the not-so-young-anymore generation) don’t want to be “causing any extra work or effort for them” and therefore insist on saying “Nej tack”.

David Vujic15:05:34

You can imagine the culture clash when someone from the balkans offering food, and the swede insists on saying “Nej tack” until the balkan person makes it clear that it is an insult, not only to them, but to the entire people of the Balkans to turn down a food offer!

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Seriously, French food is typically quite tasty, but also quite unhealthy. As I grow more aware of this, I find myself having more and more misgivings offering people typical food, especially if I don't know whether they're on a diet. OTOH, people might find it weird or uncool if I present them with a bowl of carrots. Wondering if people are facing this issue too

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> Wondering if people are facing this issue too I usually know the dietary habits of the people I invite over but even if I don't, I ask beforehand or adapt my plan after they arrive. > people might find it weird or uncool if I present them with a bowl of carrots I definitely wouldn't 😄


you are likely to be offered a cup of tea in England. If you don't accept your host will be quietly mortally offended. You are allowed to redirect to a different drink. You are not allowed to refuse a drink.

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I'd like to see the above chart for "rounds in the pub/bar" as well

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you always new how many pints you'd have on a night as it was a multiple of the number of people you were out with

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this is interesting @U06GS6P1N - french women have the highest life-expectancy in europe, but french men are #14 ... what's going on there ? ( ) ... it's reversed in the UK - british men rank slightly higher than british women, but not such a big difference


@U0524B4UW I suspect life expectancy in France is mostly affected by smoking, drinking, and car accidents and the likes; food-related health issues, while they are significant, are probably dominated by the above.


I also suspect that this sort of ranking is not very stable statistically 🙂 life expectancy is not a trivial indicator!


How common is to even be invited to someone's house? I'm Greece and afaik US as well it's common to be invited casually just to hang around.


In Luxembourg and in Denmark I was never invited anywhere, some Lux guy also joked around that we'd never see his home. Felt weird but apparently normal in those parts.


I think that in Sweden it is harder to be invited to someone's home than to get some food there once you are visiting.


in England you'd really just go to the pub with someone rather than have them come around to your house. Unless it is for a dreaded... "dinner party"


You can't leave an Italian house without drinking or eating something... 😅


Usually an espresso or a sip of wine


Just a quick follow-up on the tweet about not being served dinner as a guest in Sweden: seems #swedengate is now a thing on Twitter. Very funny, mostly harmless stories like this:


Most of the stuff I read on the Swedengate tag rings true to me. This particular one I've never experienced, though.


Oh, wow, just checked the actual swedengate hashtag on Twitter now (the above link was just sent to me). It’s evolved/devolved into a debate about racism now. Didn’t mean to open that can of worms here. Please disregard.


Godwin's law of some kind.