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Back to work soon, I wonder if it will be like this... 😂


looks like good ventilation at least. Probably pretty bad on the old PM 2.5


Today I'm writing Clojurescript but it's slowly dawning on me that I now need to understand typescript as well as JavaScript and react. The abstraction has sprung another leak ;-)


Do you mean the $default thing still?


No just trying to make sense of a library I'm using


To more fully use ClojureScript, the assumed constraint I struggle to overcome is the lack of ClojureScript (or Clojure common) libraries, mitigating the need to reach for JavaScript libraries. Although there are notable exceptions, it does feel that ClojureScript interop with JavaScript makes ClojureScript far more complex, where as Clojure interop with Java makes Java less complex


I totally agree with your complexity and I come down on the side of the UI being more complex than server devs like to admit and JS just being more random than Java. Maintaining an interop lib over JS is inviting 🤕 🤕 🤕


And the response to that complexity for many is TypeScript. Which just adds to the complexity of using ClojureScript 😞


I have made - and still make - an argument that it would be good to have a CLJS variety over TypeScript


that might result in more stable interop that you (and I) are missing

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That’s quite a mouthful 😮

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