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God morgon


One of my projects at work is a modernisation and expansion of an old RDF dataset. As part of this work, I have made a web interface to browse the graph and IMO it is turning into a pretty good UI for any kind of RDF dataset, so now I’m thinking that I should try to release it as a generic RDF browser once I’m done with the project.

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Most generic RDF browsers seem to suck, but this one doesn’t 😛 maybe I’m a bit biased.


Good Morning!


@simongray Nice. Is this the datafy/`nav` based stuff you mentioned?


@seancorfield That is another aspect of the project. My goal was to make the data approachable to many different user profiles, e.g. scholars, hackers, regular people. The nav stuff is to integrate with REBL/Reveal for the Clojure pros, while this is a regular web app for anyone interested in casually browsing the data.


It’s designed to browse Danish WordNet data (like in this first screenshot), but works quite well for generic RDF data too (like the schema data in the second screenshot). I have tried to make it as generic as possible, deriving most of the UI directly from whatever is in the returned data. Nearly everything can be clicked on and navigates somewhere else. Dynamic colour coding and language negotiation plays a big part too.

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Looks pretty! 🍬

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Have you considered a different shade of purple though? 😛


What’s wrong with that one? :thinking_face:The colours are grouped by RDF namespace, if that’s what you’re asking. All of the w3c stuff is purple-blue’ish.


more examples


Here you can see more colours in action


@U2DART3HA So the navigation is based around the :_ syntax from Datomic?

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Sorry @simongray I was pretending to be a 70 yo academic with opinions 🧓- it's a common joke in the design world where the client asks for a different shade of blue

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This project only has 60+ year old academics, fortunately. It’s my other project where they’re approaching 80 😛

Geoffrey Gaillard08:02:46

Not only :_, every ref is a navigation point. The forward or reverse nav direction is encoded symbolically in the query.


I do use something similar in my Navigable implementation, but it isn’t present in the web UI: It makes sense, but I haven’t figured out the UX in HTML/CSS yet.


REBL/Reveal... and Portal 🙂


Last time I tried Portal I couldn’t get it to work and wrote it off, but I think that was pretty close to when it was publicly revealed, so I should give it another shot


Ah, yes, I was not impressed with it at first, but "recently" came back to it and switched from Reveal since I can have Portal as a view inside VS Code now (and it has a view for Cursive too).


Ok. then I should definitely revisit it. Thanks for the tip!


So, Putin seems to be finally starting his invasion… just great…


Portal even works with babashka. It's awesome ;)


If Putin starting his invasion was just the only bad news..


what else is going on?


Not sure as major, but finding a new oil field in Suriname, they likely are to exploit is bad, especially combined with some regions in the Netherlands already having trouble with the current weather, with getting rid of the rain water fast enough.


My bed is super comfy and I have to get out of it to go to work 🥲

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(which is a desk a few meters away)


Been out skiing already this morning 🙂


cross-country commute @slipset?


Nah, still home office, but a quick skin up the local skihill and then a ride down.


Amazing, got too little snow (and hills) in Gothenburg :-(


But you have other things. Like Varberg for windsurfing 🙂


And quite a bit of good climbing as well.


Yes, I do use the crags


@slipset No wonder you guys get all the medals at the winter olympics


nice! i've not done much xc skiing... i'd like to do more, but not so much opportunity around here


I started two years ago, but there is only a window of 6-8 weeks around here, and it feels like starting from the beginning every year


My window is even shorter as I don't have ski tracks nearby. I solved this by buying roller skiing gear. You can keep the same shoes. It allows me to enjoy the few days I have on the snow.


That’s a nice idea! I will take a closer look at the surface of the streets and pavements on my next run, maybe this solves it


Here in france it is a very niche hobby. If it can help, here are a few things I learned from web archeology and experience. Shoes and bindings are the same as for xc ski (just use shoes compatible with your bindings interface). Any xc ski poles does the job. If I remember well I bought them a few cm longer than those I use on the snow, to compensate for wheels' height. Also I replaced the tips with tips made of tungstene. The standard xc tips would wear too fast on the asphalt, once round they become useless to propell yourself. I think wearing security equipment is unavoidable for this practice: helmet, bright and reflective vest, gloves (even in the summer!), and glasses. As the asphalt is less forgiving than the snow, and also packed with other vehicules/people. When I started, I trained a few times on a quiet road with very smooth asphalt and almost no car traffic (and no turns to be visible from far away). Now that I am more confident I usually train on rural tertiary roads (with sometimes rough asphalt, but beware of gravels!!), and also on intercity bicycle lanes.


I went to the gym today for the first time since a year or so. Every time it feels like the first time 😄


I’m lucky to have a ‘home gym’ recently mostly with this youtube channel, If the weather gets better I’ll be running more often again.


I found success at the gym by not focusing too much on what I was going to do, but making sure that I go consistently to generate the habit.


This! For me it’s just getting out of the door for the gym. Once I’m there I can easily spend 2hrs. Lack of motivation and habit is what makes it so complicated – as for the most, I guess


having to travel kills it for me - i do much better when my exercise starts and finishes at my doorstep


And I always make sure to take some podcasts with me


Ohhh I heard about that book, maybe I can find a friend who has it


and production is working again... (not really used yet, so no real impact)..... turns out it wasn't picking up all environment variables. how crap is that.

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one of the very first thing our server processes do is to log their relevant environment and any config which is derived from environment... it's often been helpful in debugging when something got lost in a chain


yeah, we printed them out, thinking that were the env variables being used... but used to be slightly different ones.


good morning


Soon, over here at least it will be


Two little 🦆🦆 is the bingo call for 22


So it's 🦆 time


Which I've recently learned is rude, so that's nice.

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