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I’m the opposite. With “non existing” blod circulation, cold hand and feet is a common theme for me living in Sweden 🥶


Wonder if there is a heated keyboard to buy :thinking_face:


I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!! can you get them?


I actually once wrote an invention disclosure (IBM speak) for this. But someone already had a patent for it... I just want the keyboard


Think I saw something at one time, either a heated keyboard, or some thing that you place close to the keyboard to heat your hands.


I just had a quick look, there are some out there...


I used to have freezing hands in the Copenhagen office 🙂 Hot tea helps to warm up the insides, including the hands. But cold fingers on the keyboard is seriously uncomfortable!

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And since we’re on the topic of weather. Headphones designed in California are obviously not made for temps below 32F. My Beats die after 15 mins or so outdoors, and it’s only like -4C or something.

Geoffrey Gaillard10:11:33

Morning! I put as much layers of cotton t shirts as needed till I'm comfy. Sometimes up to 5. Does it make me look like Sheldon Cooper? Yes. My medication reduces blood flow in extremities and living in Finland taught me to address it asap or regret it the whole day. You have to trigger vasodilation. Warming them won't work. Also check your stress and anxiety level, it goes with vasoconstriction.


Pro tip: don’t use cotton as base layers when it’s cold. Go for wool (unless you can’t). Soft merino wool is very comfy.


Also pro tip. If your feet are cold, put on a hat. You loose like a metric shit ton of heat through your head. Another pro tip. Wear a scarf or similar item. Keeping you neck warm is as important as keeping your head warm.

Geoffrey Gaillard10:11:35

100% yes! I like wool but can't wear it this way unfortunately. Scarves and hat are also problematic. That's why I went with layers of cotton 😕


Then look for synthetic base layers. Anything but cotton.


Cotton gets cold when damp/wet.

Geoffrey Gaillard13:11:33

Yup, and one’s need to be extra careful with sweat. I don’t wear it outside or commuting. I’ll try with a synthetic base, thank you for the advice :thumbsup:

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:11:41

> You loose like a metric shit ton of heat through your head. I have read recently that it is not really true but who knows which source is how true???


Last thing about weather for today. There is nothing colder than humid, windy weather around 0C. Example. It is so much colder in Stockholm (which typically has this kind of weather) than when it’s dry and cold (-10C) here in Oslo.

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That's true. The properly cold and dry weather gives me terrible sinus headaches though. That's why I like dreich auld Scotland


Just need to keep the wind out and wear wool or wicking synthetics


"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing"


only bad kleather


I love Ylvis’ “The Cabin” where they use this phrase


Freezing hands inside the office is not really normal tho, especially if it is a proper working environment and not a home office (even for Copenhagen, I live 30min from there).