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Good morning!


Pretty good. How about you?


Very good! Snacking on muffins my Sweetheart made me while doing a crossword puzzle.


Very good. Just doing some computing - I have decided to switch to another laptop with an ssd in. Waiting 3 minutes for firefox to start on my (very aged) lenovo got too much.


@lee That sounds like an ideal saturday afternoon


Nice! Curious which one you will buy. Are you considering a non-Intel one?


Or morning as it were!


oops. I already had a dell xps sitting about ๐Ÿ™‚


That's less-old.


Ah, I remember you working on an older laptop...


I saw this frame laptop stuff recently, it looked pretty interesting


I thought that looked interesting, too!


Yeah, I'm hoping to hold out if they can live up to the hype.


I have upgraded my own laptop/computers every two years or so. I'm at my 4th or 5th new purchase in this job because of increasing RAM usage :/


Part of me wants to grab a pinebook, but I know I'm just going to suffer for it.


In my self-imposed frugal existence, I'm gonna try to hold out on upgrading for as long as I can.


I'm going to try to wait until I see what Apple (yeah I know, I suck?) comes up next


But when I do upgrade, something upgradable/repairable sounds enticing!


I actually use two laptops side by side: one Macbook Pro (work, bigger screen, more power) and one Macbook Air (mostly for travel and TV watching at night)


I've written down a few candidate non-Macbook laptops over time


Lenovo T15 (configurable up to 128GB!)


I'm currently on Apple devices too. Share a 2009 MacBook Pro with my lady and use a 2013 iMac for dev. The iMac is still quite peppy.


The device I'm using right now was released 2012, I got it second hand ~6 years ago. So some age in that span. I could probably breathe new life into it with an ยฃ100 ssd, but that seems silly when I have the xps to hand I can just update.


I've been using a mac recently ๐Ÿ™ˆ as they're the standard at work. I'm not impressed, Linux is much better. The audio is far superior on Linux.


Tuxedo also seems interesting, although I've heard from one guy who bought one of their models that it was very noisy


The common response to vendors like Tuxedo, "it's just a rebranded clevo, so buy one of those". I was surprised when the US Clevo reseller (I'm forgetting the name right now) did a blog post about how much input they end up having on the design and how that impacts the final product. Really interesting stuff.


Seems like an interesting "dealer" to me too


@dominicm as a Linux guy do you have a favourite distro?


@lee I do. I'm in love with It's served me well for a long time now. ~4 or 5 years. I moved to it from Arch and had been using that for >5 years. It's very similar to arch in terms of rolling release, etc. But one big difference is that systemd isn't part of the standard image, which after a series of bad experiences finding bugs in systemd, questions over its security, etc. I decided I wanted to be relinquished of.


I should actually say, systemd isn't available at all ๐Ÿ˜„


Thanks, good to know. I use Linux Mint in a VM for random Linux testing. I kind of chose it at random.

dominicm14:09:33 maybe it wasn't a blog post ๐Ÿ™‚. I'm not sure how much of this Tuxedo do, but it's interesting to think about.


@dominicm what does it use instead of system.d?


@lee for VM testing, pretty much anything that can install what you want is going to be good. My negative experience with the ubuntu systems is that I want the latest version, but ubuntu is backporting security fixes to the old version and I need to switch to the next LTS, and blah blah blah. Rolling releases (no major OS upgrades) are the best. I massively regret putting my home server on an ubuntu host as it's now stuck because I'm not brave enough to do the LTS upgrade.


I've been using Ubuntu in WSL for a bunch, it's working well, but I don't have high demands: java stuff should work, graalvm should work, that's about it ;)


@borkdude Instead of systemd-init it uses


and of course bash/babashka


I'm definitely in that category of "wait, what does that pipeline of commands do?!"


I wrote a whole statusbar system for X using bash & because it seemed a fun programming challenge / I gained a lot of control over what information I was constantly bombarded with.


Cool! Wait I thought you were SevereOverfl0w on GitHub are you also (gasp!) LemonBoy?


No, no ๐Ÿ˜„. I just used it for my status bar. I could only aspire to be LemonBoy! He's awesome.

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Hello from xps!

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