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Good Morning!


What phone do you buy in 2021? I dropped my phone yesterday and the screen has become a permanent black mirror. I guess I wouldn’t mind a good camera since I will be using the camera a lot (… mostly taking baby pictures). I was thinking that since I use a Mac anyway I should just go with an iPhone this time, but then which iPhone? And is the Apple integration even worth it?


@simongray I can heartily recommend the fairphone 3 ...


I can't help you choose an iPhone but I can recommend the Moto G, which I've owned for generations of, most recently the Moto G8 Plus. It's pretty cheap, the battery lasts for ages and, although the camera isn't the best, it's still pretty good because it's 2021 and even cheap cameras take decent pictures. I think the G9 is out now and has decent reviews.

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Morning! Mac + iPhone = ❤️ Anything iPhone 11+ has fantastic cameras. Perfect for baby pics.

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I wonder if the Pro version is worth it or if the regular one is enough? I do have money in the coffers as I didn’t really spend any money on myself during Covid… just find it a bit weird to buy a phone that’s basically the same price as a Macbook. Seems like the pro has a another lense + some more RAM + a couple of extra little things…?


Also, the thing I dread the most about going from Android to iPhone is losing the universal back button…


… kinda wanna stay with Android just for that 😛


I have an Android phone (an old Pixel 2 XL). The thing I like about Android is that I can remove icons from the home screen(s), and only put on there what I want. With Apple, it's either on the screen or in a folder. I don't want that, I don't want to see them at all unless I choose to put them there.


Yeah, that’s another minor annoyance I have with iPhone.


I had an iPhone 3g but have been using Android ever since.


i can’t stand ios 😞


i am very happy with my pixel5 (i like “small” screens)


I don’t know what the price difference is, but it is at least a bit better. I have a 12 pro and an 11 here, so if there’s anything specific you would like me to test for you, please don’t hesitate to ask


I have an 11, but would have gotten the non-pro 12, just for the smaller size. Apple Pay and FaceId are things I’d never thought mattered until I got them. With the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, spending money is too much fun.


12 pro has an additional camera that can be used to map out things in 3d, so the AR part is a lot better atleast


Yeah.. And using face-id with a face-mask because it’s hooked up to the watch also made an impact on me Didn’t know I wanted it that much until I got it


Eyeing the latests from sony


The one thing I don’t enjoy with the Apple eco system is that when someone calls me, all devices start making noise. My watch, my phone and my computer. And then I never get the sound in my headphones.


Oh, and Siri butting in on my conversations when my hands get too agitated.


That. And I have had some issues with bluetooth connection in my car


All good to know


In my family we have bought fully into the Apple ecosystem. It is great. We have a family iCloud account with 2TB of storage. The kids can buy apps and stuff via an approval process (I approve all requests, b/c the kids have a good sense about what is a reasonable buy). All apps are available for everyone in the family, even expensive Mac apps. The photo streams feature is sweet, even if Telegram takes a lot of that use case for us. Airdrop anything to anyone in the family. I could go on. There are drawbacks of course, but Apple really are rewarding our complete buy-in. 😃 I also like that they have a business model where I am not necessarily the product.


• Apple generates a staggering 62.8% of its revenue from the iPhone • The iPad and Mac are good for 7.1% and 9.6% of revenues, respectively • All other products and services – including Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, Apple Pay, AppleCare, etc. – combine to just 20.6% of revenues Not sure where AirPods fits in, but this is kinda cool 😃


Morning friends


@simongray I have the iPhone SE. As fast as the most expensive iPhone out there, smaller size, much cheaper, takes very nice baby pictures, I won't mind when small hands pick it up and drop it etc.


And yes, iPhone + iCloud 2TB subscription + Mac: Stress free baby pictures taking 😉

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i used to be all iphone+mac, then i took a bullet for the team (we had no devs using android as their main device) and switched to a pixel-3 - and i found i really enjoyed the pixel. i still have an iphone, for testing, but i wouldn't want to switch back, i find the pixel UI generally smoother, i much prefer the push notification banner interactions, and the camera seems considerably better than the iphone

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I decided to just get the regular iphone 12, but now I’m caught in a “Brazil”-esque security dystopia where I have to confirm online purchases via a phone (either using an app or using SMS) which is hard when you don’t have a functioning one. There is also a manual two-factor system, but apparently this is no longer enough for online purchases in Denmark.


The good thing with iPhones is that usually you can pop to a local apple store and get the one you want physically. Assuming you have a Humac close.


That’ll cost me 1000 kr more than getting it through the cheaper online shop


Where’s Robert De Niro when you need him?


Is this an android phone?


(your broken one)?


You can use scrcpy to render the screen of your phone on your computer


I use scrcpy all the time


Basically, it's like having a vnc-view on your phone 🙂


Worth a try. I couldn’t get USB transfers to work because I can’t access the notification that allows for USB transfers when the screen is dead, but maybe this could still work.


good luck!

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Didn’t work… too bad


what failed?


can’t see the phone…


11:35 $ scrcpy
2021-06-29 11:35:02.177 scrcpy[840:1930402] INFO: scrcpy 1.18 <>
adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found
2021-06-29 11:35:02.184 scrcpy[840:1930402] ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1


(I bought an iphone so it doesn’t matter now)

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my wife got a bunch of SMS codes and relayed them to me 🙂


Still, it is quite absurd that you can’t buy anything online in Denmark without a phone.


I've been toying with buying an apple watch


but I need also to have an iphone 6s or above to do the initial pairing


I have an old iphone 6 😞


@dharrigan that's holding back my daughter as well. What about a (rather recent) iPad? Does this work as a "ground station"?


Unfortunately not, to set it up, initially, it does require an iphone 6s (or above)


after that, it's okay, but not the initial setup.


Tis a hard requirement 😞


nature's way of telling you it's time to upgrade your phone @dharrigan!


i got my first smartwatch a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying seeing just how little deep sleep i get on an average night


Same. Turns out my sleep is basically pointless.


Which smartwatch did you purchase (both)?


I have had a fitbit versa for a couple years now. Pre-google acquisition.


Same, I have had a fitbit for a year, great watch and cheap


A charge4, it pairs with your phone and you get notifications & whatnot on it, plus all the sport/tracking features


I also had a fitbit, but the wrist band deteriorated and you couldn't buy a new one at the time


now I'm wearing a 20 dollar xiaomi mi band 2 ;P


but I'm not happy with it: you can hardly see the screen in the presence of sunlight


Another plus, whole week battery


yes, the apple watch battery time seems weird to me. also it's hugely overpriced imo


What I really want is an old fashioned Casio watch with step counter


I like the Garmin watches, as you can use them both with Android and Apple, so it doesn't restrict me when buying a new phone. That said, my vivoactive 3 Music broke just before the warranty was voided, it's fixed now. I don't really use match of the Smart watch functionality. It's mostly for running.


Newer mi bands are better in the sun, but it seems as though battery life gets a little worse with each new version


You can’t have it all, though


I charged mine only when taking a shower, that's almost enough. Sometimes it needs an additional hour to get fully charged again.


i've got a garmin forerunner 45 @dharrigan... i mostly wanted it for run/bike tracking, and it seems great for that so far


I'm looking for a watch that has gps and heart rate monitor


telling the time...meh 🙂


forerunner 45 has both those @dharrigan


I never wear watches, so I guess I would only put it on when doing exercise


I like my wrist unadulterated 🙂


checking out the 45


it's on the cheaper end of smartwatches, which was another plus 🙂 , and it's apparently no use for swim tracking, but i don't really mind about that


yeah, not bothered about swimming stuff


I like the Forerunner 245, so that it can store some songs on it


i think i would probably break myself if i had music while i exercised


My wife recently bought an Apple Watch 6 and after a few weeks she loves it. I think it's horribly overpriced but then she went from an iPhone 5S to an XS for $1,350 (with 256GB storage), whereas I went from a 5S off to a OnePlus 7T Pro (McClaren special edition) which was about $900 -- and I'm really happy to switch to Android after years of iOS -- and my OnePlus smart watch should arrive today: it's just $160 and the battery is supposed to last a whole week. I'll let you know how I get on with it next week!


I'm not willing to pay more than 400 dollars for a phone. It's just a phone... it doesn't even have an actual keyboard ;). Actually I also find that too much, but it's the lowest price Apple gives me. I always choose the low tier model, SE.


"it doesn't even have an actual keyboard" 😂


I have some cheap 200 euro android currently. Have it almost a year, and still can use GPS + screen a lot for 6+ hours. Good enough for me. Once the battery breaks down properly buying a fair phone.


Yeah, I definitely had sticker shock looking at the newer smart phones when I upgraded and originally I just didn't want a "big" phone but then I played with the 7T in a store (before the pandemic!) and decided it wasn't too big and I've been very pleased with it -- and I use it for a lot of stuff... in fact, making calls is the last thing I use it for!


Same here actually, I don't call a lot


I have VPN and a nice ssh client on it, so I can do emergency devops stuff without a laptop 🙂


but with direct linking turned on, you're shooting yourself in the foot Sean, it's harder to patch things in the production REPL that way


Apparently my most-used phone apps are Microsoft ToDo, Outlook, and Edge 🙂


And on a related note, anyone else installed Windows 11 yet? I was shocked at how fast the upgrade was and how seamless it was. Loving the new snap grid stuff, but I am not sure about the thicker task bar.

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(and it'll run Android apps, apparently, which is the tie-in to the phone discussion 🙂 )

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I haven't yet, I haven't enabled the insiders thing


also, I'm usually very slow in upgrading my OS. On my macbook I'm still on mojave.


My Mac is on Sierra (10.12) because I'm tired of Apple breaking my dev setup on so many times 😕 But I've been on fast ring / dev channel Insider builds on Windows for several years and it has hardly ever broken my dev setup.


it's the other way around for me @seancorfield - if i don't keep my mac reasonably up to date, then xcode tends to stop working with appstoreconnect and i can't publish any app updates


@mccraigmccraig Yeah, if you're building iOS apps, they have you over a barrel 😕


My Mac is nine years old at this point. When it dies, I'm getting a Windows desktop to replace it 🙂


(the android setup doesn't seem any better either... i end up nuking and reinstalling my android toolchain every so often because it just seems to give up the ghost)


interesting that you can run 'droid apps on windows now though @seancorfield - i had completely missed that that happened


I haven't tried it but it was part of the Windows 11 announcement, and it works via the Amazon app store apparently.


@seancorfield did you hear the good news? It's the Year of the Linux desktop


Again? It's been "The Year of the Linux desktop" every year for about a decade at this point 😆


Yeah but this time :)


Yeah, yeah... of course...


I like that UNIX has won so comprehensively that Windows has wsl, and macos still has bsd underneath it. I've not found a proprietary vendor who can give me a good UNIX experience yet though 😘


They just keep on breaking things or pushing adverts even when I pay for it


yes, linux has won big time


Linux or bsd


As a Linux on the desktop user the annoying thing is that gdocs not open office solved my business collaboration needs


I think this is the appealing thing about WSL2, no matter how appalling some thing are there: the "popular" UI tools probably work and you have "real" linux as well. Having said that, even on macOS I don't have the Microsoft Office. My wife has though, she's found Excel a lot better than LibreOffice Calc