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Morning! So happy that I now have faces and voices on some more of you here. It was a pie pleasure to meet! @ramart , @wichtrup , @martinklepsch you did such a fantastic job yesterday, as did all the rest who were involved. ❤️


Not to forget @ska! 🙇. (One of the original founders of :clojureD btw. Without him, :clojureD might not even exist.)

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Yes, excellent Q&A discussions from both Martin and Stefan! I wrote elsewhere that I think that while online is not as good as in the flesh, the Q&A/after discussions yesterday was far superior from what you usually see in recordings from IRL conferences. I think that if we analyse why (except from the obvious benefit of excellent moderators) some of it can probably be translated to physical events as well.


TIL about @ska’s role in :clojureD. Awesome!

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Morning 🙂