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hmm... wondering how this translates to open source work:


Evening! Parenting is crazier than I had thought it’d be. Mad props to every parent out here 👏

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Welcome to a land of sleep deprivation and weird moments of joy and fun.


It gets marginally better after a year!


We got an motorized sling cradle up and running yesterday. He slept like 3-4 hours unassisted! It was amazing.


We should have bought it earlier,


You will receive tons of unsolicited advice, I’m sure, so I’ll just give you one: try to read up on the neurophysiology of sleep in infants, if you haven’t already. It helped us a ton, if not with actual results, but definitely with understanding, expectations and minimizing frustration. I can recommend some resources if you’re interested (and, uh, when my wife’s back home 😳)


> You will receive tons of unsolicited advice What I tell all new parents: my only advice: don’t take any advcies. (And buy a palette of kitchen paper)


@U7PBP4UVA go ahead! We love reading about stuff like that in this household. I don’t mind advice in general, though there’s some that I prefer more than other. My in-laws have lots of shallow, unresearched ideas, and are pretty adamant about them, for some reason, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance. Other people are more thoughtful both in the presentation and evaluation of their ideas 🙂


@U054UD60U Oh yeah. We’ve stocked up on toilet paper like it’s the nuclear winter!


@U7PBP4UVA there’s so much more interesting stuff to learn about infants than I expected. For example, there’s something about 5 universal sounds that infants all use, and which can give you hints on what they need (e.g. “Neh” for food, because the sucking reflex causes the tongue to go against the roof of their mouthes and create the “N”, and “Eh” for “A burp is stuck in my system and I’m working on it”)


Sadly, it’s not been very applicable with our son, who apparently always says “Eh”, just in varying volumes.


So a few books in no particular order • our babies, ourselves by Meredith small • Cribsheet by Emily Oster • The science of mom by Alice Callahan And a very very nice website with even more resources:


Sounds fun with the deciphering sounds :) how old is he? We never got to understand ours when she was tiny!


He’s 5 weeks 🙂 Lots of pooping, just started smiling a lot more and babbling cutely. I’m optimistically already baby signing at him, though I don’t expect he’ll respond until he’s 6 months or so. How old is yours by now, and what are her newest tricks?


This video shows the 5 universal sounds I was talking about:


That’s quite interesting. I think I can confirm based on my own experience. And I think as parents you’ll understand this inuitively. Except if whe start to overthink this 😛


Ours is 14 months old and climbing everywhere. Her latest trick is pushing various stuff to step on, to climb onto taller places. Scary!


That’s how invention works. This is the time when you realize not only the floor is no longer a safe “storage location” but also anything stored below the one meter mark is doomed.


I've already pushed my hifi amplifier to a higher shelf 😄 she likes to walk around with her water bottle and spraying things 💦


ach, we’re lacking in higher shelves!


Guess we gotta nail things to the wall


Hooks, lot of hooks. Or just training 🙂


It’s ok. You’ve got about 18 years to figure it out. It becomes a lot less crazy until it doesn’t I guess.


On that note. Would anyone be interested in a zoom call around noon CET tomorrow Friday? No agenda, no plans, just some informal chitchat for half an hour or so?


Even though I'm late, this sort of thing sounds like fun 🙂


It didn’t happen since noone showed interest. Maybe next Friday?

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@U04V5VAUN you may have more success using the #remote-meetup channel


Woo! Percy landed

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