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Good morning


The pandemic isolation is really hitting me hard. Even as a natural introvert I just want to go and be around people now.

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Maybe take a long walk in the sunshine and say “hi, isn’t the weather nice today?” to some people on the way.

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By June this might all be over. Worth looking forward to.


What's strange with me is that it depresses me too, but I don't realize that what I'm missing until I finally socialize a bit. Same things for sunshine, forests, and mountains.


Whereas other people feel this very acutely


I'm not quite there yet but that might be because I'm still pretty burned out. I do a lot of talking with people during the week days as well though


My 1yo daughter waked me up at 5am too so that doesn’t help with the general mood!


Yeah @U06GS6P1N getting a taste of “life” makes going back inside more painful. I went in the office twice before the break and I miss it greatly now!


@U7PBP4UVA I'm sorry to read that. I'm lucky in that it mostly cheers me up for some time.


I've had 2 weeks alone when my gf got back to France for Christmas; I thought I would make a lot of progress on personal projects in that time period, but I was somewhat disappointed. I had underestimated the impact on motivation.


@U7PBP4UVA hey, sorry to hear that, but also glad you’re telling us. This slack channel has been immensely valuable to me during pandemic/WFH, it has given me a place to do the friendly bantering/shooting the breeze that I need in my life. I spend way too much time on zoom talking to other people, but it’s all work and no play, so to speak. What I’ve also found, and each person is different, is that I need to feel physically fit to be happy. The pandemic has closed the arenas which I used to stay fit, so I’ve had to find others. I don’t know if it’s physically fit or physically tired that’s important, but whatever. So I have a friend who has a bouldering wall in his garage (I’ve been climbing forever) and I rigged by road bike on a pair of rollers, so I go for a “ride” every morning. I still miss talking to people, but getting into some sort of rythm seems to be very important to me. I believe (but I’m not good at it) sunshine is good for you. Have a longer lunch break when the sun is out. Make sure you profit from the benefits of WFH with a one year old daughter! Take off early from work, do something with her, if only going out and watching the ducks, and put in the time at work when she’s gone to bed.


Yeah this channel rocks! It's been quite comforting. I feel lucky to be a European :)


This channel has been a lifeline for me too