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good morning!


დილა მშვიდობის


Took a twist on walk today. Good morning


@synthomat I alread had a hard time finding “Phoenix” for proper (keyboard based) window management. A second screen makes things so much more complicated. But I’m a fan of tiling window managers and still miss my linux desktop experience after 10 years on Mac.


ah got it; I’m using shiftit (I think it’s discontinued now?) for arranging windows a bit


Phoenix is quite good, you can script it with JS, although I never minded to compile clojurescript to it 🙂


@ordnungswidrig I’ve been using Magnet Pro for window tiling in mac, and it feels good. I tried so many times to use GNU/Linux and i3 on my desktop workstation, although system is more powerful than my Mac and did some custom tweaking of i3, it just doesn’t feel right, neither does Windows with its super hot WLS. Nvidia support on linux is such a shame, 2020 and I can’t browse a web-page without some lag and screen tearing (if I want to use smooth scrolling in FF). So, PC is employed for GPU computing as Jupyter server. So, I’m back to MacOS, bought 31.5" monitor today, will receive tomorrow, fingers crossed screen quality would be on par with expectations.


Let’s see how that works out for you!


Does resolution in relation to text size even matters nowadays with fractional scaling? As far as I understand the higher dpi/ppi the better for readability, basically you'd always use the highest resolution and use scaling depending on screen size.


I am also in the market for a new screen, looking for highest ppi I can get in either 27 or 32 for a reasonable price + usbc with high enough wattage. New ultrasharps are looking good so far


So far I think 27 inches is indeed a sweet spot for high dpi for 4k screens


but at the same time you want to have more space with bigger screens of course


I never liked dual or more screens personally, 27in would be fine for me


I just realized that the more screens there are, the more complicated it gets to manage windows and search for stuff on the different screens


I had a 25" screen with a resolution slightly higher than FullHD once. I could not get the right font size on macOS, either everything was too small or too large. macOS did not support switching to anything in between, like you see with Retina screens. I sold it. I work on a single 24" screen (1920x1200, which was recommended to me on the #off-topic channel!) or on my 15" laptop screen. I've always found big screens a bit difficult, not sure why exactly.


I have been considering the LG 27" 4k screen, it looked nice in the store and the font size on macOS looked good as well, although I heard from @kevin.van.rooijen (I think?) that the screen doesn't go low enough on the adjustable stand.


I only care about emacs/chrome/terminal personally, they all have enough knobs to adjust to the "right" size

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