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good morning!


just found out that IntelliJ supports force-touch on the trackpad 😅

Ben Hammond08:08:40

oooh does it?


yes you can for example jump into the implementation of a class without pushing down cmd while klicking 😄




Good afternoon! Fellow Clojurians, I’m tired of using 2 x 24" monitors and want to upgrade to a single large monitor, thus was looking at 27/32" 4K options, isn’t 32" a bit too big? Any experience?


good decision!


I moved from 2x24" to 1x27" 4K, but retrospectively I should’ve taken a 30" or 32" display…


also because you can go with higher resolutions where you can still read anything


if you are a laptop person look for USB-C with PD, it’s really convenient and handy


Hi, I was thinking that 27" might be a kinda sweet spot, but can you please elaborate a bit? Yes, I’m using MBP 15" 2016, and most of monitors I checked has <80W output through type-c whereas charger outputs 87W and I wonder if for example 75W can drive it.


You get used to the +3" (compared to 24") very quickly and after that it doesn’t feel much bigger; And because you want to use the largest tolerable resolution that is available on a 4K display, the fonts become really tiny on a 27" device; I think with a bigger screen you profit more from higher resolutions


I got a Dell U2720Q, and I have no issues with charging my 15" MBP via USB-C; The USB-C cable that was included with the display is a bit stiff, though


Gotcha! Thanks! Dell has 90W output if I remember correctly, but after owning dells for a decade I’d like to try something else and has a very good deal on this newly released model, which outputs 75W, another one is HP Z27 which outputs 65W and people at Reddit report to be working fine w/Macbook.


is a bit bulkier than dell


I’ve got a DELL U3417W (3440x1440) and I’m super happy.


It’s curved, which makes sense at that size and still I fell it’s to small at some days.


@ordnungswidrig I have good offer on this one as well - similar to dell you mentioned but the resolution doesn’t look good, at least from distance. What’s your experience?


I was sceptical because of the resolution, too


But with my old eyes It’s fine for me.


I use it for software development only.


The same here, only use will be a job, but I wonder how much difference might between these two monitors.


Mine is 34" and it no longer feels huge. Just thinking about a 27" (which is 7" less) makes me wonder how you would do it with only one monitor.


But of course depends on your use case. I do quite a lot of web/frontend and am happy to fit Browsers, Emacs and Repls on one screen. (Also I never liked how MacOS handles mutliple screens, even if they are the same resolution)


What’s wrong with how macOS handles multiple screens?