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otfrom08:03:33 from last night's government mandated exercise period

Ben Hammond09:03:56

heh; whilst humans are stuck inside, the wildlife is running riot...


there was a video of fish returning to the clear water in Venice, nice side effect.


I stand corrected.


I love the internet….. 🙂


I am sure that fake news is fake news... but that could be fake news. Once the pandemic is over we can all go for a trip to Venice and find out for ourselves.

😂 8
Ben Hammond10:03:19

just don't spoil a beautiful story


I knew that the Dolphins weren't in Venice, but that the water was clearer at least.

Ben Hammond10:03:30

only in the statues?

Ben Hammond10:03:39

the dolphins I mean

Ben Hammond10:03:10

the lack of cruise-ship pollution must make an enormous difference

Ben Hammond10:03:37

(but they're still sinking into the swamp)


people are being stopped on the roads in Dundee by police to see if they are key workers or otherwise travelling appropriately


(I've heard at least one example that is from someone who's husband was stopped)