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We have been told to work at home for the rest of the month.


Schools and Kindergarten closed in Bavaria! will encounter it’s biggest stress test ever.

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gdocs and hangout have been holding up well for us


I do wonder if home broadband for my colleagues in England might change


We (doctronic) are switching to Home Office as well. Temporary.


it was fun having the Prime Minister say "loved ones will die before their time, but we aren't doing anything" last night


<irony>very comforting</irony>

Ben Hammond09:03:24

not appreciating the survivor bias implicit in the phrase > we survived the Blitz


Switch 2 of these: home office / schools closed / be productive

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it’s difficult being productive with kids running around, that’s for sure


@helios how are things in Italy today?


all of Mastodon C is working from home. I cancelled my travel to London. Not quite sure when I'll get down next as they are saying the peak will be in May or June


@otfrom i'm making a notebook with the situation ( updated (pardon my lack of python skills) .. it's looking like it's following the exponential trend. the effect of the lockdown will not be perceived for the next couple of weeks i think.. there are still all the cases from the last few days when people were out and about and the perception of it was much smaller than it is now. I have to say the nice days of spring do not help. Here in my apartment block we have a small playground in the front and now there are a bunch of kids with parents. It's hard to make them stay inside when temperature is mild (20C now).. but everybody is slowly understanding what it means to "stay at home".


I am worried by the lack of worry in the UK (and NL)


I'm worried about that too. Slightly more worry in Scotland than in England, but again, I'm not sure it is enough. The plan seems to be to try to get it over it one big push, but I worry that will overwhelm the NHS during that period and that overall deaths would be higher than trying to flatten the curve


Yeah this medium article sums it up right: if you see at the bottom there's a HUGE difference for every day of inaction (exponentials are hard to grasp for politicians facepalm )


My vague understanding is that the "nudge unit" has said that people in the UK will get bored and not comply with early intervention