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morning! stay safe everyone!


and healthy!


we've moved from containment to delay officially today in the UK (tho the announcement was from the Scottish First Minister rather than the UK Prime Minister)


BoJo hasn't made up his mind yet about what to do... hence you only get an announcement from Sturgeon.


Just avoid social contacts. Delay to spread. Don’t jinx anything to keep the ICUs working.


yeah, that's what we're going for. Luckily people in our bit of Scotland are so reserved that social distancing doesn't feel any different. 😉

😂 4

Today’s COVID-19 measures are what introverts call, “Thursday” 🙂


Looks like Sturgeon is taking a systemic view, which seems reasonable

In addition, the health secretary and I have been considering what further actions we require to take, particularly to protect the resilience of our frontline emergency workers, and that does involve our position on mass gatherings ...

The scientific advice is telling us that cancelling mass gatherings will not, in itself, have a significant impact on reducing the spread of the virus. Of course that does not mean it will have no impact on that.

But the view that the health secretary and I have come to is that there are wider issues to take account of here. Mass gatherings require to be policed. They require to have emergency ambulance cover. They require the services of our voluntary health services. And at a time when we need to be reducing the pressures on these frontline workers in order to free them up to focus on the significant challenge that lies ahead, I do think it is inappropriate that we continue as normal.

So the health secretary and I this morning have decided that we are minded – and this is something that we will seek views on from others at Cobra – now that we will advise the cancellation, from the start of next week, of mass gatherings of 500 people or more. And that is principally to protect the resilience of our frontline workers.


👋 from Italy. Stay safe and help flatten the curve. That not only means not spreading coronavirus, but be extra-careful in the things you do so you don't end up going to the hospital and needing urgent care (car accidents, etc.).. as if the hospitals are full the care provided will be much worse


@helios that has been my concern with it. Our numbers here are basically tracking the Italian numbers, so I think we are just a few weeks behind you


I've cancelled my travel to London for a week and told the rest of the team that they can stay at home


Our county (Neu-Ulm, southern germany) just forbid getherings of 500+ people. Schools are expected to be close next week. Most sports leages / teams / club cancel the saison and suspaind trainings.


Scotland is moving to stop gatherings over 500. England isn't. They are looking at delaying the local elections in England in May though