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Jim Newton09:08:30

I am trying to follow the to submit a clojure patch. There are a couple of things I don't understand. (1) It says I need to create a local branch named 'fixbug42', but it doesn't say whether that naming convention is important. I suppose I need to change 42 to the number of my bug, ie. 2652 (a la and (2) the instructions do not indicate what I need to do to add a test case for the bug I'm fixing. presumably a test which will fail before my patch, and will pass after my patch. Is adding test case per bug fix not a thing?


the branch name does not matter


a regression test (the way you described) is usually a good idea

Jim Newton10:08:02

done. I created a regression test. However, I can't be sure I've done it correctly. We'll see what Alex does with my patch