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Josh Soref03:12:09

I’m trying to sign the CLA, and the online form isn’t letting me enter my name… can someone help? I started by visiting and clicked


Looks the same to me. Name is not a field you can enter there.


Maybe Adobe updated something in their service and broke the form? @alexmiller is probably the person to ask but it's late for him...


(although not as late for him as for you @jsoref)

Josh Soref15:12:44

A good reminder that Slack leaks user local time.


It's very helpful when figuring out who might be online 🙂

Alex Miller (Clojure team)04:12:22

You enter the name later in the process


Ah, good to know. When I did the CA process it was printout, sign, and mail.

Josh Soref15:12:49

@alexmiller: could something be changed to clarify that? the form at that point is pretty clear Name*: *Required field. If only the page that links to the form

Josh Soref15:12:41

Also, could someone please fix the spelling of GitHub for that form?

Josh Soref15:12:52

(this is the hint for the username field)

Josh Soref15:12:36

(Also, would it kill Adobe Sign to make it easy to review the form upon receipt of the email? — I can’t tell if I properly filled out my address — it looks like I messed up…)