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So it looks like there is a Tuple class in Clojure's source from 2015, but it currently has no constructors, and is used in only a handful of places in the compiler to create objects with class PersistentVector. There is a comment saying it was proposed by Zach Tellman, which I am guessing was related to the CLJ-1517 "unrolled small vectors" ticket that ended up not providing the performance gains that were initially hoped for. But I guess the Tuple class remained in this kind of vestigial form?


the constructors are still useful


without Tuple.create(a, b, c) all the call sites had to generate an array and pass that to PersistentVector.create(Object...)


Only reason I am curious is that I am tracking down core.rrb-vector library JIRA tickets, to see which ones need work, and which might be closable as obsolete. One is related to objects with class Tuple, from Clojure 1.8.0-alpha2, and I will check soon, but suspect at that time there was a Tuple constructor.


Map.of(k1, v1, k2, v2) would be useful as well, but doesn't exist


I mean constructor here in the sense of a Java constructor with the name Tuple, which doesn't appear to exist now.


yup, that's all correct AFAIK


Hmm. And apparently didn't even exist in Clojure 1.8.0-alpha2 when the ticket I am looking at was created for, although the Tuple class did temporarily have quite a few more methods at that time.


seems like an issue that can be closed, if it's filed against an alpha


Oh, I see. The issue I'm looking at mentions these classes T0, T1, etc. for small vectors/tuples. Those were eliminated since 1.8.0-alpha2.


Yep, looks very safe to close. I just feel better closing things when I'm more sure of the reasons involved for the issue being created in the first place.


Java added List.of(a) of(a, b) of(a,b,c) in 11, for similar reasons


afaik they do only size specialization for 0/1, not 0/1/2/3/4/5/6


jshell> List.of("a").getClass()
$4 ==> class java.util.ImmutableCollections$List12

jshell> List.of("a","b").getClass()
$5 ==> class java.util.ImmutableCollections$List12

jshell> List.of("a","b","c").getClass()
$6 ==> class java.util.ImmutableCollections$ListN
1/2 rather


Thanks for confirmation!


I believe I am getting close to a semi-magical day when all core.rrb-vector open issues are resolved, and incidentally, the library crashes in far fewer situations (hopefully none, but I doubt that will be the case).


thank you for maintaining it @andy.fingerhut HERO


My OCD kicked in, and I have long wanted to take it on as a hobby project to figure out how it worked. I just confirmed I do have fixes for all open issues, although for one of them my current 'fix' is kind of a little bit of a cheat, where concatenating two vectors will often run in O(log N) time, but then it does a quick sanity check on the result, and if the tree is getting unbalanced, I punted and did the slow O(N) concatenate (but very reliable and well tested).


It is still future work to make it always O(log N), but in the mean time at least it won't crash.