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Previously with JIRA (even with the new JIRA we are on), it was possible to get a URL for a patch attached to a ticket. Has anyone figured out how to do that with the latest JIRA UI refresh?


there's a link that you can copy


Ahh, a workaround is to set things up in there so you see the old issue layout (there is a set of dots in the upper right that lets you do that). Once done, you can right click on the link to grab it.


When setting things to use the old view, they allow you to explain why you want to do this, so I did so (explaining I want to access these links).


yeah, now that I look at it again, it's pretty obscure


the "new" view is pretty crappy imo


seems like there are things that don't exist


I never found an element in the new UI that I could right click on, or otherwise use to obtain the URL to the attachment... since you said "obscure," I think I need to hunt more for Waldo.