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This page: has a link in the sentence "If you simply need to file a bug, you can do so without becoming a contributor." which lets one create a "SUPPORT-NNN" ticket. Is that the intended way for all contributors to create issues for CLJ now?


Or is there still a way to create tickets for particular projects, like there was with the old JIRA system?


Hmmm, let me amend that question. I think I see how to create a ticket for a particular project with the new JIRA system (the + "create" button on the left side while browsing the project). Is there any preference for how contributors create tickets between those two methods?


If you create a ticket directly against a project, it saves the Clojure/core folks from having to review a generic ticket and assign it to the correct project -- as I understand it. So I'd say the direct approach should be used when you can.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:06:46

If you have a jira account, feel free to file a ticket on a specific project. If you don't, use the support portal.