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Tried to go to - was asked to login, then I got this:

Did you use the wrong account?
Your email address  doesn't have access to 
We've all got more than one email address these days - are you using the right one?
If you're certain you should have access with , contact your administrator.
Following a direct link to an issue works though.


But interacting with the UI e.g. clicking on a label or fixed version gets me back to the “don’t have access” page.


let me check your user...


oh, you don't have a user :)


you shouldn't need to login to browse or see anything


it may be that certain pages are not accessible without a login (label and version are probably effectively search filters). I will take a look at that and may be able to fix. haven't spent much time on that yet.


I'm able to click on labels in an anonymous context. can you give me an example of url for anything that looks weird to you?


Just clicking on the root url asks me to login. On mobile, btw.


Ah, ok, if I log out entirely, then start browsing from an issue, I can click on other things. I also see much more on the sidebar. But starting at the root, I get redirected first to download the mobile app, then after skipping that, to the login page.


Then after logging in with some account I have, I lose access to labels and the sidebar.


Sorry for the complaining on a Saturday. I know this is frustrating work to do, and is much appreciated!


ah, so must be a mobile flow thing. I haven't tried that yet


FYI, I just updated all the links to in java.jdbc, core.cache, core.memoize, and tools.cli


Well, I’m going to redirect everything, so I’m not running at switching all that stuff. Those links are everywhere


Understood. At some point tho', will stop redirecting?


(and I just like cleanliness, so I feel better with the links being "correct" 🙂 )


No, plan to make it work forever


Oh, OK. Cool. So will continue to exist somewhere... nice.


I’m just going to make it an s3 bucket with redirect rules


One thing that is a problem for me -- and will affect anyone who uses JIRA Cloud at work and uses a different email for Clojure -- seems to only allow you to be logged in to one account at a time...


So will also redirect the old design wiki into the archive too


Yeah, I don’t know any secret for that


I am in the same boat


I can't work on Clojure stuff and World Singles stuff without logging out and back into the other account. Can you add <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> as a user on Clojure's JIRA will the same permissions as <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>? Then I can just use my work account for both (while I work at World Singles, at least)


And major kudos for getting the migration done! It's nice to have the modern JIRA and much better performance!


I think you can probably just change the email address on your own account?


if not, I know I can and it will send you an email to ok the change


ok, I did an email update - it should email you at the old email


there are a variety of web browser features for that kind of situation, aren't there?


or is it more than just a cookie thing


I seem to actually be logged into both the clojure and cognitect sites right now, although one may be via email and the other via google login


FYI, looks like I can't change my email to my work account since it's already used by another account in Atlassian cloud. Couldn't figure out the Google login vs work login either. Oh well.