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user> {#?@(:clj [:foo 12])}
{:foo 12}
user> (read-string {:read-cond :preserve} "{#?@(:clj [:foo 12])}")
Execution error at user/eval33425 (REPL:586).
Map literal must contain an even number of forms
does this suggest that using splicing reader conditionals inside a map is an antipattern?


similar to which hasn't been weighed in on by anyone with decision making power


I feel like this is more severe though; you're presently able to write code that tools effectively can't read


somewhere in confluence there is/was a design page for conditional expressions where I argued against implementing them in the reader like they are


FYI, per Alex's latest Inside Clojure note, I updated */ and */.github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE where I had permissions to point all the old Confluence links to links. Just in case you get alerts about your Contrib repo being updated and wonder what's up. I left a few alone that use a "non-standard" version of either of those files (i.e., that didn't match most repos).