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I've never come across something like that


We have a small library that is a bit like that. We're in the unusual situation of having to bridge between Clojure and a language that has hash maps with case-insensitive keys(!), so we created a library that converts native Clojure data structures and native structures from the other language into a common set of data structures that satisfy both languages. Sets become hash maps with true values for all keys. Any sort of map (from either side) becomes a map that accepts lookup via strings or keywords and is not case sensitive (behind the scenes it uses uppercase strings, to support an edge case in the non-Clojure language).


I wouldn't think this is a very common need tho', since Clojure can generally interop pretty well with other JVM languages' data structures?


I’m not aware of anything like this either, but I’m probably going to need something similar to convert from the Java EDN lib to actual EDN.


@alexmiller I've taken your edits to the equality article you made and incorporated them, plus made many more changes to my equality article, in my Github repo here: I can convert it to .adoc format and create a PR for the clojure-site repository if you are interested.


done. I have removed most or all mentions of Clojure 1.5.1 -- I believe that was the current Clojure release when I wrote it, but is mostly of historical interest now. I do mention Clojure 1.6.0 once, but only in a historical note explaining a bit of history on why non-Clojure collections are hash-inconsistent with Clojure collections.


The early summary part tries to emphasize the similarity with egal (without mentioning egal): Clojure is 'equal values' for values, 'identical objects' for mutable objects, and as a convenience, also returns true between Clojure and non-Clojure collections, but with caveats.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:05:25

thx, I may have time to look at it on Friday