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I was surprised to see that the CLI doesn't have a way to specify deps that aren't in a file, or even a way to have an arg that points it to a particular deps file


this means if I want to programmatically run clojure with particular deps, I need to create a tmp directory, write a deps.edn there, and make sure to launch clojure from the tmp directory; is that correct? is there any desire for a better workflow for that sort of thing?


there have been some discussions (maybe here, can’t remember now) about including a way to take a final (or only) deps.edn on the command line

alexmiller14:12:26 is kind of covering this (although I don’t think the particular example given is very good there)


I added a comment. I'd be happy to prepare a patch, given requirements.


prob better to let me discuss with Rich first


btw, I think the discussion was in #tools-deps which is a thing


and now I'm there thanks