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Mmmm actually this makes me more pessimistic rather than optimistic. If a team spent more than a year on it, either they've focused on the wrong areas, or there's challenge areas which are inherent to this ambition, or rather the way clojure is written. I'll watch the video through.


matan: I think part of the challenge of that approach is that they forked Clojure itself. I suspect some of those improvements might be difficult to get accepted upstream. I'm wondering if a Leiningen or boot plugin might be a better place to start from with more potential for gaining inertia.


@U056QFNM5 actually they also mentioned a leiningen plugin somewhere, but I think they didn't get very far, I might be wrong here of course.


I guess a lein plugin can catch any exceptions and be used for "after the fact exception embellishment and replacement strategy" ― as much as such a strategy can get very far ― as there are at least three areas of challenge in making exceptions a better source for developer productivity


What are the three you're thinking of? Just curious.


I'm surprised at the techniques employed as part of that effort ― nothing very intelligent from formal language theory or program analysis was used.