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Playing around with the idea of overriding clojure's error messages with custom messages for child safety and/or text localization. Maybe scanning the clojure source for error messages creating a catalog of them at first, later automatically manipulating the source.


I know it's a lost cause because many errors boil down to Java error messages


But yet, any library that is a good fit to use for scanning clojure code at scale, short of directly rolling my own bare-handed code? I've done similar things for Scala before, so this might actually go some humble distance.


High level motivation case in point: a null pointer exception is not a good error indication for when someone places a non-fn var in call position.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:06:40

There is actually a university that has a project that has spent a lot of time on custom Clojure messages for beginners

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:06:15

They have even done some research studies (which Cognitect helped fund). I don't know if that project is publicly available though.


alexmiller: it is interesting to notice that two years have passed by and no open source project has yet addressed this problem. Clojure brings way more value than we expect: developers are seeing that and use it anyways. Then as human beings we complain 😀 It is all good, nothing can be perfect. Bruce started btw which is cool. Other things will popup. An officially supported project will probably boost Clojure's popularity further but I really believe this should be a community effort. Thanks for sharing the video!


no idea what this library is meant to be doing.... the github page being secretive as it is..