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would adding an xform arg to into-array considered interesting?


Just to echo some issue I encountered with the split/spec.alpha ns. I had to upgrade projects with dependencies that also depended on clj.spec (pre split), hoping to use the latest clojure alpha. This caused exceptions to be raised on non existing namespace from (numerous) transitive deps and forced me to chase down every single ref in the transitive deps before I could do anything (creating custom jars for these etc etc). Not to mention namespaced keywords impacted. Before that would have been a simple :exclusions in the project.clj and done. I understand the intention but to be honest the new "namespace versioning" is quite annoying to deal with day to day, and I guess this will continue as we go from alpha -> beta -> rc -> vN ? and potentially be more annoying down the road as/if user adopt spec more.


I sure hope there’s just going to be one transition back to clojure.spec


maybe having a clojure.spec namespace that aliases to the versioned version wouldn't hurt.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:06:53

@mpenet there will just be a 1-time addition of non-alpha namespaces in the future. Existing alpha namspaces will continue to work for as long as you include the alpha lib.