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Hello, fellow Canadians :flag-ca: ! I just wanted to reach out and advertise some Clojure-based development positions available in Calgary (with remote availability) at, a healthcare startup in the cardiology space., or you can message me directly with any questions! Note that they are currently performing interviews, and can move fast with the right candidates. There will be an additional posting going up soon directed more at a senior/lead developer position, specifically around providing leadership on the Clojure backend.


Great to see more Clojure work in Alberta!


I have sent an email with resume, thanks for sharing I have been waiting for it 😄


Great I’m glad you’ve submitted! Feel free to ask me any questions. I’ve let the hiring people know to expect submissions.


One question, very easy 😄 How big is the team?


Pretty small team at the moment; 3 multi-year devs and they are hiring I think for 3/4 positions.

👍 3

Nice to see, also in yyc